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Raid Mover was specifically designed for 25M raid teams and Priest healing in mind. Most encounters have become increasingly mechanic driven requiring strategies that assign groups of players being sent in different locations(see Ji-Kun). These groups can change on a fight to fight basis and having to remember then rotate players around by hand prior to each becomes tedious and time consuming. Raid Mover solves this issue with a nice, clean, and easy to use UI.

Raid Mover provides you the ability to:

  • Save current raid groups
  • Edit, Move, and Add Players
  • Mass copy players to other profiles
  • Restore any previously saved/modified raid layout with a single click.

Additionally it contains raid management utilities:

  • Import/Export groups to text
  • Mass Raid Invites
  • Automatic Raid Convert
  • Automatic Master Looter with threshold
  • Automatic Raid Assist promotions
  • Automatic Attendance tracking with XML and LUA exports


At the start you won't have any previously saved profiles, therefore you can either create a new Blank Raid and start adding players or import one of mine. Copy and paste it into the Import window, press enter after pasting it.

Alternatively, if you're in a raid group press "Show Raid" and save/edit that.

To swap entire groups, mouse over top the group number and select it. Then either choose another group to swap or click the same group to deselect.


Me using it in our 25M raid; adding a new raider, quick copy that raider to other profiles, easy send mass invites, and restoring group positions: If you notice in the 3rd clip(Ji-Kun) I couldn't actually see Blizzard's raid frames due to "addon tainting", thankfully Raidmover does the work for me!

In The Works...

  • Automatic raid group set up according to class and specialization, great for LFR healing...or lazy Priests :P.


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