Random Battle Standards

Warning: This project is experimental. Its files will not synchronize across the Curse network.

New mod in progress.  This is a single key binding to drop the best battle standard for you.  AV / battle ground standards in BGs, guild standards in groups, etc.

Planned features:
- In Combat if possible...?
- Customizable priority values
- Working macro icon showing the current battle standard identified as the best (next) one to use
.. hrm.. what else?

Quick notes to get started:
- The mod will create a new macro called "BattleStandards" as an account wide macro.
- The macro will automatically update to show the best battle standard for the zone you're in
- If the macro's icon is ? with no code that means your in a zone that's not supported yet, don't have any battle standards in your bags or they're all on cool down.


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