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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

No Longer Supported This is yet another Healing frame addon, the bars are designed to change colour depending on what is needed for a particular debuff. Mouse buttons can be assigned in interface->addons->randomaddon->buttons (just stick the spell name in next to the button combo, or "target" or "focus" or macro name To move the frame there's an invisible frame surrounding the top 3 buttons, just drag it around. Blue bar means watch/be careful (for twin consorts it indicates the Beast of Nightmares debuff so dont heal the char than), orange means someone has a debuff but dont dispell (not positioned correctly, duration isnt at the best point to dispell, dispelling will remove buffs that are better than the debuff etc.), red means dispell now As an example, for Dark Animus the bar goes orange when someone gets matter swap and red when the debuff has 7 seconds left.
There's also a decursive style bar on the right of each char, any click will dispell the debuff. (the button goes red for any magic/poison/disease/Curse debuff depending on class/spec) Cure spells on the bar default dependent on class and checks spec to make the button red. Checks spec for priests/druids/shaman/paladin/monk. Druids will need a second mouse combo for Symbiosis Cleanse, currently only uses Remove Corruption but will show magic/disease if Cleanse is available Other useful features:
/rna hr will enable a range check designed to approximate the holy radiance range, so you can see roughly how many people will be hit by holy radiance if you cast it on that char.
/rna nohr disable's it
/rna ap will toggle showing alternate power for all units
/rna lo will switch between different layouts
Added a cooldown bar to quickly show the cooldown on abilities (only paladin ones atm.), also added buffs & debuffs (probably not complete for all classes yet). Shows all debuffs (including irrelevant class stuff and mass ressurection debuff) Updated to cope with a number of abilities in Siege of Orgrimmar Normal mode Siege of Orgrimmar

Fallen Protectors
 Mark of Anguish - Blue
 Shows boss bars so you can heal the NPC's when zoned
Sha of Pride
 Mark of Arrogance - Orange but Red if you have Gift of the Titans
 Toxic Mist - Blue (watch)
General Nazgrim
 Bonecracker - Physical Blue, but watch (can do high damage in normal/heroic)
 Ancient Barrier - Overlayed bar to show how full it is
 Displaced Energy - Orange, Red if noone within 10 yards

Added Chomp as blue to the proving grounds

 orange when someone gets a bad debuff, and red when they have 1 bad debuff and 2 or less good debuffs (while mutated is up), red when the net stats from fragilebones/thickbones is -25%, red with no mutated buff and 1 debuff and no buffs.
Jin'rokh the Breaker
 Blue for fluidity, purple for fluidity and ionization, red for ionization by itself.
 shell (heroic) overlayed bar. Mogu'shan Vaults

 Flesh to Stone - orange up to 5 stacks, red after.
Spirit Kings
 Pinned Down - Blue
8th Jan 2014
- Changed the Malkorok bar to be half height and made it a general absorbs bar (Full bar means the character has a combination of absorbs equalling their health).
- Added a stack count to debuffs if greater than 1.
- Holy radiance check now adds up the damage taken of the nearby chars (up to 10 per char).
- Buffs now fade out from 10 seconds to 0.
- Recently Mass Ressurected now only displays when out of combat.

30th Nov 2013
- Bars will now go red for all dispellable debuffs (dependent on class/spec) Unless they have a special mechanic, then they work to assist with the mechanic.
- Added some cooldowns to the cooldown bar for priests (and one monk one, but more to be added)

22nd Nov 2013
- Resto Druid's now default to Nature's Cure, no longer relies on Symbiosis for Magic.
- Priest Purify Red now overrides mass dispell purple (and corrected mass dispell to handle curse and poison).
- Added Lifebloom to buffs shown.

17th Nov 2013
- Button assignments are now spec based. (it will copy button assignments over from previously defined values)
- Added Execution Sentence to the cooldown bar

15h Nov 2013
- Improved Buff/Debuff update times.

12th Nov 2013
- Added Guardian of Ancient Kings to the cooldown bar

11th Nov 2013
- Now displays when not in a group
- More range data
- Slightly improved performance
- Font change, now uses your default chat frame font to improve compatibility with non-english languages/character names
- Saves the position of the frame

31st Oct 2013
-NPC bars will show automatically for norushen and be clickable for healing the npc's when you phase
-Bars going red etc. are dependant on your capability to dispell the debuff (prepping for other classes)
-Improvement to layout 3, making it animate when people join/leave a raid and ensure the bars dont overlap
-Also added some SoO trash debuffs (Self-Absorbed and Corrupted Touch - CT will go red if 3 or less people are in range of the explosion and you have the /rna hr enabled) And a curse on horridon
-Displaced Energy - Red if noone within 10 yards
-Using UNIT_HEALTH_FREQUENT instead of just plain UNIT_HEALTH, was a bigger difference than I expected :)
-Added some data for the range check it will fall back on the old method is there's no data available for an area
-Bars when entering a LFG instance will correct themselves after around 5 seconds (will lower this)

Issues that I know of (in no particular order):
-Animation on Layout 3 is still in beta (still some occlusion issues too and an issue with the bars being movable if its the first instance joined with layout 3 enabled)
-No incoming Heals support

Bitcoin donation address: 17e4V7Y8sWKWw1ZHezK1eiP29BKaMAa2vv
Mintcoin address: MXSLssubATpKQuFQ5BT26WRDbz3msWE5gd


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