Random Mount

Summon a Random Mount based on ridding level, flying skill, location, and area. Simply create a macro containing /mnt or /rmount and it will summon a usable mount for the area you are in. For Options type /mnt help. Thanks to Hendew (the original author) for his hard work in creating this great add-on.

================IMPORTANT NOTICE================ Patch 5.4 changed flying mounts to all be allowed underwater and 6.0 broke the previous workaround. This change broke the current method of detecting whether your character is at the surface or not. The addon will no longer be able to intelligently select water mounts while underwater and flying/water-walking/ground mounts while at the surface.

v6.0.8 Added fixes as proposed by denakk

v6.0.7 Added fixes as proposed by Akamaru7388

v6.0.6 Update to support Draenor flying. Fix summoning ground mounts in some flying zones. Fix water mount detection for people with Vashj'ir Seahorse and another worldwide water mount. Thanks to Snamor23 for some of the fixes.

v6.0.1 Fixed a call to the old API

v6.0.0 Update to support WoD API changes

v5.4.1 Fix water surface check - may break again at Blizzard's will

v5.4.0 Update toc/version for 5.4 Fix keyword searches for unspecified mount types. Prefer waterwalking mounts when swimming in unflyable areas without any sea mounts.

v1.07.08 Fixed Bug 32 - Error when no macro conditions matched

v1.07.07 Updated toc for 5.3 Fix conflict with unknown addon using "Icon" global var Fix location filtering bug for zones (didn't affect subzones)

v1.07.06 Updated toc for 5.2 Bug 31 - Fix summoning ground mounts in Vashj'ir indoor areas

v1.07.05 Fixed bug trying to summon abyssal seahorse outside vashir Fixed bug trying to summon a mount even after every attempt to find a usable one has failed Improved savedvariables handling to pave the way for further improvements Removed debug code that had served its purpose and some unused code

v1.07.04 Fix bug with adding new saved variable for default weight.

v1.07.03 Improved setweight command: /mnt setweight [0-1000] will change the default weight (100) for all mounts that have no weight set including future trained mounts /mnt setweight [pattern] will reset any mounts matching the pattern to the default weight /mnt setweight [0-1000] [pattern] will continue to set the specified weight to any mounts matching the pattern Fixed /mnt riding and /mnt flying commands Added /mnt swimming command Fixed /mnt r [pattern] and /mnt f pattern commands Added /mnt s [pattern] command to search for particular swimming mounts (even though only 4 swimming mounts exist currently) Fixed riding and flying keybinds Added swimming mount keybind Added the chance % of selecting the chosen mount (based on weights) to the debug output

v1.07.02 Added dynamic mount capability detection (thanks neotsn for submitting helpful data) Added /mnt setweight [0-1000] [pattern] command to set weights for mounts which affects how often they are chosen (default is 100) Allow all land capable mounts to be selected in AQ not just qiraji mounts Improved the logic that selects which type of mount to try Use IsSpellKnown() to check riding skills Create frame in lua instead of xml

v1.06.13 Added Grand Gryphon and Grand Armored Gryphon Based on v1.06.10

v1.06.12 Temporary nag messages to collect feedback. I am considering removing the location filtering feature and adding a way to weight how often to use each mount. If you get a message about detecting unknown mount capabilities then please post the number(s) from the message or follow the directions from v1.06.11 notes.

v1.06.11 Added code to mine certain data that the API provides about mounts in order to better understand it. Please open your \World of Warcraft\WTF\Account[username]\SaveVariables\RandomMountContinued.lua in a text editor and copy+paste the contents to this bug ticket: http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/random-mount/tickets/26-data-collection/ All data is appreciated but data from people with rare aquatic mounts (Reins of Poseidus, Sea Turtle, and Riding Turtle) is especially needed.

v1.06.10 Fixed game lockups from infinite looping in certain circumstances.

v1.06.09 Removed remaining mounts that do not exist

v1.06.08 Removed 2 redundant mounts

v1.06.07 Removed 2 redundant mounts that were causing those mounts to not be summoned

v1.06.06 Fixed error if you have not learned Tailoring or Engineering

v1.06.05 Thanks to phuzi0n for the error fixes

v1.06.04 Thanks to phuzi0n for the error fixes

v1.06.03 Added the Alliance Panderan Kite and the Upcomming Jade Pandaren Kite Thanks to phuzi0n for the Profession Mount Fix and the miscellaneous printHelp error fixes

v1.06.02 Created work around for the Profession Mounts

v1.06.01 Created work around for the Profession Mounts

v1.06.00 All MoP mounts added and set for 5.0.4 patch

v1.05.07 Added Imperial Quilen mount

v1.05.05 Fixed the game freeze when entering a mount search incorrectly Added all Mists of Pandaria mounts released to date

v1.05.02 New version using SecureCmdOptionParse() You may use any Modifier Blizzard Supports as well as /mnt commands I.E. /mnt [mod:shift,no combat] r horse;[mod:alt, help] riding; /mnt [mod:ctrl] f drake; [mod:alt] icon; [mod:shift] remove gryphon; One caveat I found is you need to put a trailing semi-colon for the default action

v1.04.48 Added Bindings back in at users request

v1.04.47 Fixed the MacroIcon function Removed uneeded data inside the lua file

v1.04.46 Added Pureblood Fire Hawk from Ragnaros 10/25-man

v1.04.45 Added Spectral Wind Rider and Spectral Gryphon from Blizzard Pet Shop, inside Spectral Mount Crate Added Life-Binder's Handmaiden, Blazing Drake, Twilight Harbinger, Swift Springstrider from 4.3 Ruthless Gladiator's Twilight Drake from 4.3 PvP Swift Lovebird from Love is in the Air Corrupted Hippogryph from WoW TCG Expansion--Crown of Heaven White Riding Camel from WoW TCG Expansion--Tomb of the Forgotten

v1.04.44 Added Swift Shorestrider from WoW TCG Expansion "Throne of the Tides"

v1.04.43 Changed Crimson Deathcharger to a Riding Mount only not Multi Mount

v1.04.42 Fixed rearanged spellid for Tyrael's Charger

v1.04.41 Updated for 4.3 Added Tyrael's Charger Darkmoon Faire Mounts - Swift Forest Strider and Darkmoon Dancing Bear Worgen Mounts - Mountain Horse and Swift Mountain Horse

v1.04.40 Added Crusader's Black Warhorse and Crusader's White Warhorse

v1.04.38 Added Corrupted Fire Hawk

v1.04.37 Changed the Vashj'ir check to allow for Flying mount when at surface but not while underwater (Thanks to Xodiv for the idea)

v1.04.36 Added Vicious Gladiator's Twilight Drake

v1.04.35 Added update to Vashj'ir so only Seahorse is summoned (Thanks to Drowena for the code)

v1.04.32 Added Flametalon of Alyzrazor

v1.04.31 Added Furious Gladiator's Frost Wyrm

v1.04.30 Fixed a Blizzard change to Winter Grasp timer. Blizzard removed GetWintergraspWaitTime() and fixed the bug in the timer

v1.04.29 Update all Gryphon, Wind Rider, and Hippogryphs in the database to be both ground and flying mounts

v1.04.28 Updated for 4.2

v1.04.27 Added check for Ground mounts if you have riding skill but no ground mounts Added additional check if you have a flying mount but not the Skill to use it

v1.04.26 Added new PvP ground mounts, the Vicious War Wolf (Horde) and Vicious War Steed (Alliance) from Patch 4.2, modified the UIErrorsFrame check and removed English check of event frame Added check for Flying mounts if you have flying skill but no flying mounts

v1.04.25 Modified the FindMount function call to only start looking for mounts and categorizing them if you have the required riding skill level

v1.04.24 Updated all Carpet, Rocket, Flying Machine Mounts to be both Ground and Flying Capable

v1.04.23 Added Wooly White Rhino Replaced the final Language specific check for Qiraji Battle Tank mounts. Added full comments to the lua file

v1.04.22 Found an error where in Northren if you have Cold Weather Flying but not Flight Master's License, flying mount would not summon added Subdued Seahorse

v1.04.21 Added new Winged Guardian from Blizzard Store

v1.04.20 Made the Flight License check generic for any language Found a bug where only a ground mount would be summoned if you did not have Flight Master's License

v1.04.10 Added Error Checking for Summoning Mount Modified multiple Functions, Moved a few checks into Functions Re-wrote the entire Mounting section Removed the /mnt waterfly option (Not Needed Anymore) Changed the search feature to /mnt r mount or /mnt f mount (riding or flying is Shrunk to r or f) Fixed a lockup bug when searching for a mount while removeMount is active If searching for a mount, removeMount is disabled then returned to original state after mount is summoned When Swimming, Addon will try to summon a flying mount if you can fly, if that fails it will check for a SeaHorse or SeaTurtle, if that fails a ground mount will be summoned

v1.03.54 Reset check for Flight Master's License (Hopefully will not break Localization), fixed error if you have a large amount of mounts excluded, added summoning of seahorse when standing on floor in Vashj'ir

v1.03.53 Fixed a removed variable that caused initialization error

v1.03.52 Seems like Blizzard changed some zone names in the master list thus they did not match. Changed the check to use IDs that do not change

v1.03.51 Added Amani Battle Bear and fixed a zone error where the ZoneName does not match ZoneName in Blizzards list

v1.03.50 Update for 4.1 and now Localized. Should be language independent Changed all Mini Map Text lookups and Spells to their IDs

v1.03.10 Re-wrote the Search function so it accurately finds the mount you are looking for To use the Search use /mnt riding mount or /mnt flying mount This will allow you to summon a riding mount in a flying area or a specific flying mount An error will appear if you cannot fly and try to summon flying mount, just like normal Fixed a bug in the Throne of the Four Winds where it only tries to summon a flying mount not ground mount

v1.03.01 Forgot a pair of parenthesis, added search check, included waterfly into saved variables, updated all version numbers throughout the files

v1.03.00 Added a NEW feature that was highly requested. Water Flying What is Water Flying: This enables you to summon a flying mount while you are at the surface of a body of water The main caveat is you must be mounted on a riding mount, at the surface of the water, have waterfly enabled, and must NOT have a breath bar If you meet all criteria above but are underwater you will get an error saying you can't use that here If you are not mounted and on the surface you must hit the macro TWICE Once to summon riding mount Once to Dismount and summon flying mount

v1.02.22 Fixed a bug where Seahorse may be summoned if in a specific zone and swimming that was not in Vash'jir

v1.02.21 Fixed a bug when in Ahn'Qiraj the zone specific mounts would be added to the do not summon list and lock up the client

v1.02.20 Added the 7 new mounts introduced in Patch 4.1.0

v1.02.10 Added the Blazing hippogryph

v1.02.09 Added check if Total Mounts are under 10 then currently summoned mount will not be added to no summon list No summon list limited to 1/5 total number of mounts

v1.02.08 Removed the runaway check Added a check of the current nosummonlist to try to get more random mount call Increased the nosummonlist to half the number of mounts you posses Found incorrect check when summoning ground mount it would sometimes summon Sea Turtle or Abyssal Seahorse

v1.02.07 Found a glitch where if you did not have Flight Master's License and were in an OldWorld zone that IsFlyable it would try to call flying mount Also found a bug where if the zone was Flyable it would always return true

v1.02.05 Added the rest of the new Cataclysm 22 mounts

v1.02.04 Added Zone check for Nespirah due to Blizzards mistake of marking it as flyable

v1.02.03 Added the two "Goblin Trike's" thanks to rxconnelly

v1.02.02 Added check for FlyableArea when zonetext does not match in game Database and is or is not flyable

v1.02.01 Added all zones for Vashj'ir

v1.02.00 Added Abyssal Seahorse Changed water Mount function to check for Seahorse and check which zone you are in due to its requirements Changed function to seaMount

v1.01.01 Found error where The Sea Turtle was summoned as regular riding mount

v1.01.00 Fixed the Outland Flying problem Changed the entire Zone Check section to be a single unit Changed the Riding Skill Section to take into account the removal of Skills Section Changed the Mount Dictionary making Riding Mounts = 1, Flying Mounts = 2, Riding or Flying Mounts = 3 Removed references to EpicRiding and EpicFlying and 310 Mount Speed Double Checked Safefly and verified it is working Removed an un-needed section of the TestMount function for Flyable

v1.0.0 Fixed not being able to mount flying mount in Wintergrasp after the battle was over Added the new 4.0.3a mounts thanks to nicegy6767 and stypen from the original Add-on Added new Cataclysm zones and Cataclysm Zone checks Fixed no flying mounts in Outland Added the changes suggested by xantec69 from the original Add-on Removed Dalaran check (No longer needed)

v0.9.8 /mnt: /rmount: Will summon riding/flying mounts in the appropriate areas. mnt and rmount are interchangeable /mnt help: Display help

  • Summoning /mnt: (No Flag) Summon a appropriate mount for the area /mnt r mountname: Summons riding mounts in flying areas /mnt f mountname: Attempt to summon a flying mount /mnt % (search Term): Summons a mount based on specified search term example: to summon a skeletal warhorse type: /mnt skeletal

  • Configuration /mnt config: Prints the current configuration /mnt safefly: Toggle double click to dismount while flying /mnt clear: Clears all filters /mnt title: Enable or disable random title change. /mnt icon: Enable or disable changing random mount macro icons to the last summoned mount. /mnt debug: Toggle debug printing for posting error messages

  • Removing Mounts /mnt rfilter: Toggle mount filtering /mnt remove %: Remove all mounts matching % if rfilter is enabled /mnt rfilters: List current filters /mnt clearrem: Clears the mount removal table

  • Location Filtering /mnt locfilter: Toggle filter to summon only specific mounts in specific locations /mnt addloc % (zone:mount name1, mount name2, ...): Add locations and mounts to location checking. Separate mounts with commas. /mnt removeloc % (zone:mount name1, mount name2, ...): Removes locations and mounts from location checking. Separate mounts with commas. /mnt loctable: Print the current location filtering table. /mnt clearloc: Clears location filters

  • Convenience Functions /mnt whereami: Prints your zone and mini-map zone.

You can now remove mounts based on spellId, useful for removing mounts that contain the same name.

Location filtering: This allows you to specify what mounts get summoned in what areas. You can specify a zone or min-map zone (case insensitive) and part or all of a mount's name. Enable location filtering with "/mnt locfilter". Add locations and mounts "/mnt addloc zone:mount1,mount2,..." zone can be a map zone and mini-map zone. Case doesn't matter, but it must be spelled correctly and with all punctuation as well. Separate with a colon ":" then specify mounts separated by commas ",". Mount names do not need to be the full name, partial names are fine, example ("wolf"). "/mnt addloc dalaran:talbuk,wolf,skeletal" "/mnt addloc krasus' landing:drake,dragonhawk" To remove a location, or mount from a location use "/mnt removeloc zone:mount1,mount2,..." "/mnt removeloc dalaran" - Removes Dalaran from the location table, "/mnt removeloc dalaran:wolf,talbuk" - Removes both wolf and talbuk from Dalaran but preserves all remaing mounts. To clear the entire location table use "/mnt clearloc " Print the current location table with "/mnt loctable"

safefly: If enabled, when you are flying you must double click the macro or button to dismount, to help prevent accidental suicide.

Mount Filtering: If you are tired of a specific type of mount, you can use a filter so it will no longer summon any of those type. For example, if you don't want to summon nether ray type "/mnt filter" to enable mount filtering and then type "/mnt remove ray" Any mounts containing "ray" in the name will no longer be summoned, be as vague or specific as you wish, if you wanted to you could remove all mounts with a "e" in them, I'm not sure I would recommend it but you could do it.

If Random Mount generates any errors please enable debug mode(/mnt debug) and post the code that it prints in your chat window in your comments. Make sure that you post what version you are using.


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