RaidAlerter Warn System

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Plug-Language: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English

For versions: Universal

Plug-in Author: Oldhand

English Ver. Author: 1sa (Esa)

Memory usage: initial memory footprint of about 300K, overrun will automatically clean up

Resource consumption: depending on the fighting condition of the large-scale campaign will take up more CPU resources. Do not need to turn off the alarm function of the proposed time.

Plug-ins Description: Provide RAID and the five-man team a variety of characteristics of alarm.

RaidAlerter was formerly RaidCompere, because RaidCompere footprint is too large, long since stopped updating. After the original author Oldhand will RaidCompere done a lot of features to streamline and become the first RaidAlerter.

Tank is now mainly provides in RaidAlerter , mocking resistance, GA, dispel, hunters' MD, be controlled, breaking the control, raid checks and five-member team alerts, which were mostly UI do not have the function module.

【Function】 Addon

With a "★" The function is pre-set the tank, otherwise invalid.

◇ HP monitoring:

tank * group HP alarm ★; tank died warn ★ '

  • 5-member team had a state team-mate's blood alarm; informed his death

· Boss HP

◇ Threat Alarm:

· Boss wartime alert for who is GA, anti-GA at once.

  • For the more dangerous monsters (including the Boss and some mobs), alarm threat. Non-TANK career and GA. Team status are advised to set a good tank.

◇ Skills :

· TANK professional skills

  • Teammates be controlled

Breaking control skills: such as sheep, etc. to open communication

  • Disperse Magic
  • Interrupted skills
  • Warrior: Shield Wall, most drastic magic reflection
  • Hunters: tags, misleading, Ning God
  • Warlocks: Soul Stone
  • Paladins:DI, St. Mary Help of Christians surgery
  • Mage: Polymorph, Counterspell, spell stealing
  • Druid: Survival Instinct
  • Death Knight: Ice restrain tough, anti-magic shields, anti-magic force field, the blood family of origin

◇ Killed Alarm: if anyone was killed after the fighting ended, then the UI alarms.

  • Bulletin death toll at the same time as the briefing and the supernatural power and soul of the bound state, to facilitate timely resurrection and RL to decide whether at ease.

In the machine with the white text shows the first person to enter a state of combat (does not affect other channels). Due to many factors, this information is for reference only.

◇ Specific Boss Alert:

· NEF: Fallen treatment, wild distortion · TAQ: the Twin War Monitor: Provides AOE skills to hit the alarm bug (The above two functions are now basically do not have access ... but maybe someday will go whim returns to visit ... Guer reservation)

◇ life-threatening auto-propaganda: When the player's own blood volume is too low (default 30%) statements and requests automatically treatment. Team mode is set to be part of the normal players.

This feature into the game when you are off by default, exit the game does not save the settings. Please use the status bar as necessary shortcut keys or the command / ral myhp switch.

◇ Threat Tip: on the screen of your messages IF NEARLY GA.

  • When you get a monster of hatred, when the first
  • When the target prey on you,
  • When you hate is too high

◇ Team Check: You can check and publish the team in place, Buff, soul, rock binding, adhesives and pharmaceutical effects such as the state.

◇ team status bar

  • Real-time display three important parameters: team magic, treatment and deaths Mana In hover prompt to display the team PvP, place, soul stone, pharmaceutical status.


◇ state of operation:

Left click: Switches Alert

Right-click: Open the Options menu

Right-drag: Adjust the position of team status bar

Ctrl + Left: publish test results in place

Ctrl + Right: Mixture inspection results released

Alt + Left: MT targeting inspections

Alt + Right: Enhanced Pharmacy examination results announced

Shift + Left: Check the Team Buff

Shift + Right: the immediate clean-up plug-in memory

Ctrl + Alt + Left: critical blood Automatic propaganda Switch

◇ need to send a team of alert, head of L or assistant A permission, or only in the native display. RaidAlerter multiplayer enabled, it will automatically select a player as the alarm sender. Please turn off without warning, if it can reduce resource consumption.

◇ Team Model Number: for example, set the pattern for the 25-man team, then that is a normal 1-5 team members and others were judged to be substitute. Substitute members do not affect the alerts and real-time data.

◇ Memory clean-up boundaries, the default 416K, increasing this setting can reduce the memory auto cleaning frequency. Personal recommendation is set to 350 ~ 500KB.

◇ command help==: / raidalerter or / ral help

The proposed use with plug-ins: Team Assistant (oRA2, oRA3 or CT_RaidAssist) + head module (DBM or BigWigs)

Although all of the feature set has its purpose, but difficult to reach, and some details of the preferred, if not to your words youcan DIY - with a text editing tool (such as Editplus or UltraEdit) to open RaidAlerter.lua file:

Such as alarm mode

Some players want to use propaganda, saying that different ways of warning to find such as:

RAL.SendMSG (string.format (RAL_TEXT_ALERT_19, srcName, dstName), AlertChan);

You can change the final surface AlertChan (quotes required):

"RAID" - Team

"RAID_WARNING" - Team notification

"PARTY" - Team

"SAY" - said

"YELL" - shouting

"MYCHAN" - only in this machine message bar displays the

"MYSCR" - only on this computer screen


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