Delegate loot to non raid lead #348

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  • mmkearns created this issue Jul 24, 2018

    It seems like right now, with the removal of the in game 'master looter' role, the addon is defaulting to assuming the raid lead will be part of the council and also right clicking to award loot.  Is there a way loot could be delegated to someone else?


    Thanks, great addon!



  • mmkearns added a tag Feature Request Jul 24, 2018
  • evil_morfar posted a comment Jul 25, 2018

    While possible this is a somewhat bigger task than it seems, as the main reason for using the leader is that it's detectable by everyone through Blizzard API. Doing it without it requires a lot of extra checks as there's going to be some sync issues, not to mention the entire setup of how to choose the player.


    I might add it at some point, but for now there's more pressing matters, so I can't provide an eta.


    Thanks for your suggestion.

    Edited Jul 29, 2018
  • TsaboTavok posted a comment Sep 5, 2018



    We just realized that this feature is not supported, and its a real deal breaker for us. 

    Having group leader as part of the loot  council is not a big deal, however allowing someone else to assign the loot was an essential part of old master loot system, at least for us. We would be very grateful if the RC supported at least this.



  • Krazyito posted a comment Sep 19, 2018

    Why does it matter who the 'group leader' is?  They have the same powers as assistants expect they are allowed to disband their raid.


    If you're not comfortable giving someone group leader, how are you ok with them managing your loot?

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