Submitting tickets

Here's a small guide on how to file a ticket properly so all relevant information is present to speed up the process. Do make sure you have the lastest version installed. You can always get the latest version here, or see all releases here.


  1. Create a ticket here.

  2. Describe your problem/suggestion as detailed as you can. If applicable, make sure to include the following:
    1. Are you the Master Looter, councilmember or none of them?
    2. How can I reproduce the error?
    3. Do you have an error report?
  3.  Most importantly, after creating your ticket, press the "Attach" button and upload your Saved Variables file, located at:
    "../World of Warcraft/WTF/Account/"account_name"/SavedVariables/RCLootCouncil.lua" 
    This is almost always required to troubleshoot the problem, as it contains a log of what exactly happened. Note: if you're still in game, you need to do a "/reload " before uploading the file to force WoW to save the most recent log to it.