This is an addon that adds various features to the game. The features are very unrelated to each other. I use this addon for my own needs and I figured it would be nice to share with the community. I also use this addon to experiment with new things, and if it gets kind of large I'll branch it out to a separate addon.


NEW v5.0.5:

  • Moved Combat HUD to it's own Addon (Combat HUD)


  • Moved Pet Battle Mini HUD to it's own Addon ( petbattlehud )


  • Added toggle Minimap button to options interface
  • Added toggle Debug mode to options interface

Older features:

  • Turns off mature language filter on start up
  • Auto follow someone when they say "follow" in party chat or whisper.
  • A simple ding announcement to your guild chat when you level a character. Auto ding "fun mode" will put random one liners into the ding message.
  • Announce XP gains you receive to party chat or DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME. Tracks session XP, and calculates time until level
  • Announces dungeon reset information in party chat
  • Show the guild message of the day & guild information as a message box on start up
  • Show the guild message of the day to guild chat whenever you start the game.
  • Displays all spell links in a scroll frame, additionally you can search spells using /rp spell wildcard


  • Audible alert when someone applies to your guild using guild finder and displays the name of the last person to sign up in DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME.

Planned features

  • Auto follow: reply with successful follow, or out of range, and also filter who you want to auto follow.
  • Ensure Officer Chat is enabled.
  • Announce REP gains you receive to party chat, or DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME. Tracks session REP, and calculates time until level
  • Macro tools. Helpers that you can add to your own macros for conditional statements. For example, x=bTHB("Name of Buf"); if(x) then do something end
  • Item Whisperer - Send a list of items in your inventory to someone in a whisper, if key words are whispered to you.
  • Counter tools to count stuff... Any stuff that you wish.
  • Ignore bind on pickup messages when you are soloing dungeons
  • Toast system to inform you of events in the game or things that you should or should not be doing
  • Disallow quest items to be placed into the bank
  • Third-party plugin system

This is a work in progress, and thus it will be updated with new features periodically.


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