RecipeProfit for GatherMate

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

A Quick Note about 4.0.3a

While this addon is compatible with 4.0.3a, the data has been collected from Wowhead's DB. You may notice several spots on the map where old vendors that no longer exist are still showing recipes. I removed several bad vendors from the database and updated some other vendor's locations. If you find a vendor out of place, or if you find a nonexistant vendor, please send me a private message on curse.

RecipeProfit adds a table to GatherMate containing limited supply and cooking recipes. There are Alliance and Horde data sets, and both include neutrally available recipes.

Unlike similar addons, RecipeProfit is simple and easy to use with GatherMate 2 and shows only potentially profitable recipes. (Faction/BoP recipes are not included)

GatherMate 2 is required for functionality. You should make a seperate profile for the best visibility (I.E. herb/mining nodes not displayed and larger icon size).

Every vendor's location and sold items is compiled from WoWhead search data and hopefully the most accurate spots are shown. Some vendors are on patrol and may not be at the location shown on your minimap but should patrol through that spot.


Type /recipeprofit, /rp, /profit, or /gathermate and click recipeprofit to view options. RecipeProfit adds options for controlling its database colors and hide/show settings into the GatherMate menu, and are listed last as "RecipeProfit"

Crash Course

  • When you first login with RecipeProfit you will see the pins on your minimap. RecipeProfit uses GatherMate to show pins on the minimap, and the RecipeProfit menu can be accessed through typing /gathermate and then clicking RecipeProfit.
  • The RecipeProfit options menu lets you select an alternate database as well as creating a "RecipeProfit" profile for GatherMate. Clicking this button will setup a basic profile copied from the GatherMate default profile but with the addition of only showing RecipeProfit data and hiding tracking circles.
  • Reccomended Setting: Set "Show Tracking Circle" to "While Tracking," because vendors do not show on the minimap very reliably.
  • When viewing a merchant's inventory items that are tracked by RecipeProfit are displayed with a blue background and their names are starred. The item name is color coded to reflect the number of items in your inventory. If you have 0 of that recipe then it appears in cyan. If you have 1-4 of that recipe it appears in magenta. If you have 5+ the name appears in red. This is a quick visual reminder to aid in the purchase of many recipes at once so you do not buy too many of the same recipe in one trip.

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