RepCalc (Reputation Bars)

Note: Commendation bonuses are now built-in and your LFG bonus faction is marked with a star (set a new one by right-clicking the factions' bar).


RepCalc is a standalone addon that allows you to create up to ten bars that will track your reputation with the selected factions. You can also click on the bars to see in your chat window how many (if applicable) of the associated dailies, items, etc. are required to reach exalted with that faction.

Slash Commands:

  • /repcalc to open the addon or main window.
  • /rcconfig to view the configuration window, or you can right-click the title bar.


When the addon is first opened you will be given a list of your top 45 non-exalted factions in descending order. From there you can tick the boxes next to the factions you wish to track and click Save. It'll then bring up a bar for each faction that you can drag around by the title bar. Left-click on a rep bar to (if applicable) display in chat the dailies/items required to reach exalted. Right-click to set that faction as your LFG bonus (will be indicated by a star).

RepCalc also supports DataBroker addons. The mouseover will show your standing with each of the factions you have ticked in the configuration screen. You can also left-click to choose one of those factions to show on the bar itself, and right-click will open the configuration screen.


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