This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


Reporter prints Recount data relative to your performance to a frame after a combat is done. This is not the 'Recount Report' you are used.

REQUIRE RECOUNT !! Just in case ....

Your Feedback is Very Welcome !!!

Current Version (0.1.1b)

What it Reports ??
  • Outgoing Damage (Total and DPS)
    • By Ability (Total and Percentage)
    • By Target
  • Healing (Total and HPS)
  • Incoming Damage
    • Who Damaged (Total and Percentage)
Other Features
  • Reports Link Damaging Spells
  • Spec Support
    • First Layout is Based on your Spec.
  • Different Layout for Solo / Party / Raid
    • Default always report DPS when solo. And spec based report when grouped.
Slash Commands:

- Report last fight available on Recount again.

/report frame <name>
- Chooses the frame where the report will be printed.
Default is ChatFrame3 (the third tab of the Chat). If you don't have it showing right click the General tab and go to Create a New Window.

/report toggle <section>
- Section can be either dps, healer or tank. It is case sensitive and it is waiting for lower case.

Both /report and /reporter are registered.

Known Issues
  • Currently Pets are Ignored

Under Development (a.k.a Wishlist)

  • Data
    • Healing Data
    • Tanking Data
  • Configuration
    • User should be able to turn on/off parts of the report
    • Commands
      • /reporter import
  • Improved Dual Spec Support
  • Improved Solo/Party/Raid Support
    • BG ??
  • Pet Fix
  • Templating and Color Schemes
Upcoming Version (Features already on latest alpha):
  • Hit / Crits / Ticks for Damage and Healing spells
  • Healing Spells Linking


I have no plans to make it use Recount report feature when combat is over. There is a large chance you would just auto-spam chats and this feature should be in Recount (if it were to be done) not on another addon.

A Config UI: No .... I am not against UIs .... I just have a lot to learn before i start building one ....

This addon share some similarities with AsciiHud (my other addon). Maybe in the (far far away) future they will become some sort of data source to a third addon that would combine them .... Maybe ....


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