This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

A Brief History

When Cataclysm was released, Worgen (and probably Goblin) Warriors played their /roar emote sound when changing stances, using shouts and other cooldowns.

In a later patch, this roaring was removed temporarily. Patch 4.2 then reinstated Goblin and Worgen roars and gave all other races a roar sound; but this was no longer played when using abilities.

More recently, Yiffenstein posted a thread on the official forums asking for the roars to be brought back. In response to this, I developed a simple AddOn and named it Roarrior - an amalgamation of Roar and Warrior.


Roarrior simply plays your race/gender combination's roar sound when you use various spells. You need to edit the config.lua file to configure the AddOn as there's no way to do so in-game. This can be done in any text editor, but using a programming editor with syntax highlighting will help. There are instructions included in comments (lines starting with a double dash --) to help you configure the AddOn.

You can switch between playing the roar sound on your computer only or actually doing the /roar emote, which will be seen and heard by other players. Other players may consider this spam if you add too many frequently-used spells, so please use the emote option in moderation.

This was designed mainly for Warriors and only has Warrior spells added by default, but should work with any class if you add the appropriate spells.

I recommend making a backup of your config.lua file if you make any changes, as updating the AddOn will erase them.

Version 1.1 brings several new features:

  • Randomised roar sounds for race/gender combinations with multiple roars (Goblin males and both genders of Worgen).
  • Worgen now use roar sounds that are much closer to the /roar emote.
  • Worgen now use the Gilnean Human roar sounds before they become a Worgen for the first time. After this, the Worgen sounds will always be used.
  • A new /playroar (or /roarrior_playroar) slash command to play your roar sound on demand.
  • Roarrior_GetRoar and Roarrior_PlayRoar Lua functions. See core.lua for details.

Finding spellIDs

To find a spellID, simply look up the spell on Wowhead and take note of the 2-6 digit number on the end of the URL.


Bloodlust has the following Wowhead URL:

This means that its spellID is 2825.


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