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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


Raid Points System (RPS) is a configurable mod with the goal of simplifying how loot is handed out, tracked and displayed. While it is designed to be based on a DKP like system, the end goal is to have it work with as many systems as possible. There will be a way to do loot council at somepoint in time using a mutliselect UI that is almost complete.

RPS is split into two functional components. The Mod half deals with in-game loot handling, point tracking and data integrity. The Web half deals with data display, statistics tracking and data storage. The core beliefs in RPS revolve around making sure all data is accounted for. If you kill a boss and get some items it's recorded, when you look back 6 months from now you can see what items dropped, who was in the raid, who was on the waitlist. The secondary belief is to improve the looting process, traditionally loot systems can be tedious and time consuming, RPS is here to help try and streamline looting so the raid can continue on.


I started the alpha version of RPS over a year ago. After forming a guild we adopted the system from my previous guild, Ni_Kamra, since I already had extensive experience with the rules as well as operating the bot. I modified the Ni Karma bot to suit the needs of Deus Invictus, based loosely off the rules defined by Ni Karma. All credits to the original creators of the Ni Karma Rules: Ni (aka Vuelhering), Qed and Mavios of <Knights who say Ni> Icecrown-US.

With the release of Wrath of the Lich King maintaining the old bot was a tedious task and while Vuel has kept it up to date it was no longer meeting the needs of me and my guild. I set out to create a completely new bot to meet my needs, in the process I decided to try and make it as versatile as I could. I wanted something that could work just like the KarmaBot did as well as work with my system.

Features and Goals

There are many loot systems and loot mods out there, what makes RPS different is it isn't trying to tell you how to do loot. Other mods just track changes and help you import them into EQDKP, some have full bots setup like EPGP or Ni_Karma. You tell RPS how you want to do loot, it is just a tool to help you do that faster. As RPS matures I would like to try and make it as versatile as possible. In the current implementation it is good with systems where the type of item doesn't change the price, although prices can be changed and set manually prior to awarding them, this task could be tedious. In the future I would like to find a way to make different rules interact with the bot. Create a way that is more powerful than just defining a feature set current is.

Default Supported Rules

  • Ni Karma
  • Deus Invictus

The Mod Half

The mod is based off of Ace3 and therefore uses many Ace3 addons for various tasks to simplify the code so I can spend more time coding and less time bug fixing. The mod half is split into several different mods that are somewhat dependent on each other. Sometimes they are split so settings can be separated from downloadable data, sometimes it is just because that module isn't required by that specific user.

Dependant Libraries

LibStub CallbackHandler-1.0 AceAddon-3.0 AceBucket-3.0 AceComm-3.0 AceConsole-3.0 AceDB-3.0 AceEvent-3.0 AceSerializer-3.0 AceTimer-3.0 LibCompress MDFive-1.0 lib-st Protfolio

Base Mods

Not really a library but a collection of functions that most if not all of the depending mods use regularly. Also for distribution this has the libraries embeded that are required for the entire mod to function. This is to keep all the mods working while playing nice with the CurseForge Packager.

This mod stores settings that are common between officers using both RPWaitlist and RPBot. It allows you to disable or enable synchronization and/or whisper filtering. It also has a password set that is used to help make sure the data stays a little more reliable.

This mod stores default settings for the RPBot. Includes defaults for features as well as if the mode is running in WEB based or STANDALONE mode.

This mod allows the editing of various feature sets or rule sets. This defines how the mod will interact with the points database when items are awarded using the RollUI, as well as how the RollUI will behave.

Officer Mods

This is the core of RPS, the Raid Points Bot. This hands out the points, assign items, responds to whispers and manages the database.

This is a very simple waitlist, all it does is present you with a list of players that are on the waitlist and your guild roster. RPB is designed to operate without the waitlist but for those that want to manage and track their waitlist this companion mod is here.

Raider Mods

This is the client for RPS, currently it is not yet implemented. It will allow points and history to be viewed by anyone in a graphical way. Also it will popup a bidding window so the raider can click a button and not have to send a whisper. Client will only require RPLibrary to function properly.

Slash Commands

/wl					- Open the waitlist UI.
/wl help 				- Show help menu.
/wl open 				- Open the waitlist UI.
/wl settings			- Open the settings UI.
/wl options			- Open the settings UI.
/wl show [channel] [to]	- Show the waitlist to the specified channel (IE. guild, officer).
/wl add <player> [alt] 	- Add player to the waitlist, with optional name of the alt they will be on.
/wl remove <player>		- Remove player from the waitlist.
/rp ?						- Show help menu.
/rp help						- Show help menu.
/rp settings					- Open the settings UI.
/rp options					- Open the settings UI.
/rp roll						- Opens the Roll UI.
/rp feature				- Opens the Feature Configuration UI.
/rp create <database>			- Creates a database with the given name.
/rp use	<database>			- Uses the given database.
/rp add							- Opens the timer UI.
/rp add	<points> <list> <reason>	- Add points to the current database.
/rp additem <points> <list> <reason>	- Add an item to the current the database.
/rp show <list>					- Shows the points for those in the list.
/rp force <player> <feature>		- Force someone onto the Roll List in the Roll UI.
/rp convert					- Convert your Ni_Karma databases to RPS databases.
/rp master					- Set yourself as master.
/rp dbupdate					- Update your database off the current master.
/rp dbupdateall					- Update all bots off your database (You must be the current master).


  • <list> - A list can be a list of names, classes or keywords.
    • "all" - Everyone in the current raid / party plus the waitlist (if waitlist is loaded)
    • "sithie" - Player sithie
    • "paladin" - Class Paladin (in the current raid / party)
    • "deathknight" - Class Death Knight (in the current raid / party)
      • ie. "paladin,player1,player2,druid"

Whisper Commands

wl help 			- Help Menu
wl show 			- Show the waitlist.
wl add [alt] 		- Add yourself to the waitlist, optionally include the alt you will be online with.
wl add [main] 		- Update the waitlist with the character you are currently on as your listed alt.
wl remove 		- Remove yourself from the waitlist.
rp ?	 		- Help Menu
rp help 		- Help Menu
show [list|tier]	- Show points, blank shows your points.


  • <list|tier> - Same list as before with addition keyword.
    • "tier" - Show points for all players that share the same tier token as the player.

The Web Half

(work in progress) Uploader

  • Reads the saved variables file and stores it in the database.


  • Creates a new fresh lua file for use in game

Index Page

  • List points
  • Show item history
  • Show total history


  • Attendance tracking, and other various things


  • Updates roster off the armory
    • Add and Remove players as they join and leave the guild.
    • Ability to set someone that can't be removed incase of armory issues, a safe list if you will.


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