(RRH) [Cata+PTR] Retribution Rotation Helper w/Holy Pow Bar

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Retribution Rotation Helper with Holy Power Bar (from here after referred to as "RRH") is a BETA+PTR Cataclysm Mod.

Video: http:www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQks7Fegr-A\\


  • To display holy power bars as well as calculate and display single target DPS order as a rotation helper, taking into account procs, execute phases, cooldowns, and holy power.
  • This addon will not perform your rotation for you. Blizzard has gone to great lengths to prevent an addon from having said functionality. Even if it was possible, I would not create addon to play the game for you, for me that breaks the spirit of the game.
  • This addon is intended for usage by level 80 to 85 retribution paladins, specifically for dungeons and raiding. Usage below level 80 may or may not work properly, and is not officially "supported" by me.

Update for V 4.01 Live

This addon as of v4.01-b1 is no longer localized for enUS and will work with all localizations of WoW.

The rotation system is now set to the Elitist Jerks Paladin Rotation for V4.01. Addon adjusted for EJ Rotation based on hotfix, Currently: Inq > TV > CS > Hammer of Wrath > Exo > J > Holy Wrath.

Recommended Settings

Inquisition clip = 5
CS GCD Delay = 0.5

The addon frames are movable by Control-Click and dragging any of the holy power indicators.

Slash Commands
/rrh config - Opens the configuration window.
/rrh version - Displays the current addon version.


  • Inquisition clip basically allows you to set a threshold where the inquisition buff will be clipped to keep it from potentially dropping
  • Window Size lets you resize the holy power/rotation frames. Default is 1.0.
  • Prio Judgement will adjust the rotation to make sure you keep up the mana returning effect from casting judgement. *NOT YET IMPLEMENTED*
  • Unhasted weapon speed should be set to whatever the tooltip shows on your main weapon. This is used for calculating hasted GCDs. Functionality still in development.
  • CS GCD Delay allows you to set a amount of time to wait for CS while GCD is available for use. As an example, if set this to 0.25 (a quarter of a second) and the cooldown on CS is up in 1.2 seconds, but the GCD is up in 1 second, it will suggest waiting the 0.2 second difference to use CS instead of pushing it back from another ability. As gear changes, ti may be optimal to do this over pushing back CS, this addon allows you the flexibility to modify this delay as you see fit.
  • Enable Inquisition: if this is checked, it will use inquisition in the rotation. If it is not checked (say farming or doing dailies), it will suggest using Holy Power on only TV.
  • Enable Rotation manager: IF checked it will suggest abilities to use. If unchecked it will hide the ability frames, and not suggest abilities to use, making it operate just as a simple holy power display bar.
  • Track AW/Zealotry cooldowns will place two small icons to the right of the ability bars displaying the time in seconds the cooldowns have remaining. Disabling this will hide the cooldown icons.

Enabling Custom Rotation allows you to set your own rotation. Inquisition (when enabled) and Templar's Verdict are always top priority since this will always be the case, the remainder of the attacks are able to be adjusted in priority. The higher in the list, the higher in priority the ability is .

The Rotation codes are as follows:

  • CS=Crusader Strike
  • J=Judgement
  • EXO=Exorcism
  • HW=Holy Wrath
  • HOW=Hammer of Wrath.

How to enable the multi/single target switching.
I currently have it set to be modified by a cripted macro, I could do it through combat logs so it would be totally automated, but parsing combat logs takes up a lot of CPU time so this way is more efficient.

To have the switching, you need a macro for Divine Storm and Templar's Verdict. They are as follows:

#showtooltip Templar's Verdict
/script rr_multi=0
/cast Templar's Verdict
#showtooltip Divine Storm
/script rr_multi=1
/cast Divine Storm

When you want to use a single target rotation you hit your TV key, and it use a multi target rotation you hit your DS key. The addon will then swap rotation determinations on the fly. Obviously you may need to modify the macro to match correct spell names. If you do not wish to use single/multi target option, you do not need to, the addon defaults to a single target rotation.

Issues/Important things to note.

  1. -Important- Make sure you visit a class trainer, and learn all of your abilities up to level 80 and spec ret before enabling the addon. If you don't, you will likely have lag/FPS issues.

Planned Additions/Upcoming bug fixes

  • Implement JoTB Judgement prioroity switch

If you do receive an error message, please post the entire message for me as a comment for me, thanks!

Donations appreciated, but of course are not necessary.. PayPal: ewhenn (at) yahoo dot com.


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