RuneWatch (WotLK)

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


<big><big>RuneWatch is back baby!</big></big>

Note: v1.2.12 works with patch 3.3.5

RuneWatch is a RuneFrame Replacement Addon which has slowly evolved into a UnitFrame for DeathKnights. The Mod tracks your runes, thier cooldowns and also visually represents your Runic Power.

The aim of RuneWatch is to make your DeathKnight specific statistics more visually appealing and noticeable. In addition to this, RuneWatch is highly customizable and allows you to change a number of aspects of both it's Appearance and Behavior.

To access the commands for the mod type either /rune or /runewatch

Status Update

So for all of you wondering what happened to RuneWatch development over the last year or so here's the skinny:

Right near the end of my university degree I made the decision to quit wow to make sure I got everything finished up nicely. I ended up completing my degree and went job hunting. Thanks to a crappy economy it took me quite some time to actually find a new job, but alas I am now employed at a great company and now I have the time to mess about in wow again and update this mod more!

Reporting Bugs & Requesting features

<big>IT IS IMPORTANT</big> that you do not paste bug reports & feature requests into the comments for this project. Especially if you're posting a big error log.

Use the CurseForge Ticket Tracker for this project. Your curse-client works on, so you dont even need to register a new account, the one you post comments with works.


<big>Localization Updated Heavily, Please take a look again!</big> (Need Help asap!)

I've put together a little document for you all detailing the changes to localization (translation). It is my hopes that with the CurseForge system Localization will be easier on the translators and will help get translations into the mod quicker.

If you are from any non-english locale or speak a language supported by the WoW locales (Spanish, Russian, Gemran, French, Chineese, Korean, Etc...) please take a look at the Localization Page if you have any interest in helping me with translation.

RuneWatch Localization Page

This page will detail most everything you will need to know.

Additional Credits

  • Special thanks to Elderidge
Original Localizations

Known Bugs

  • Please Report Any You find here.


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