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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

SRT is a mod which shows the resilience of your friendly/inspectable target in a "small" frame.

It's on beta-status and a bit experimental, so don't expect a bug-free and finished addon!

How to use:

  • Read the attention-notes!! ;)
  • Create a macro with /srt and bind it, if you wish to.
  • Get a target, be in 22yards-range to it and run the macro (or just type everytime /srt in your chatframe ;-))
  • You'll get information about status in your normal chat-box.
  • Be sure, you'll stay in the 22 yards-range to your target, while awaiting/reading data!
  • After a short while, a window will pop up and show you some information about your target (resilience, ΓΈ itemlvl, etc.)


  • Note, that socket-bonuses and enchants (head, shoulder and chest) are implemented but only estimated!.. Gems aren't implemented yet - but it will be only estimated values too, due there is no possibility to get info about enchants/gems!
    See the outputted resilience value just as estimated ;-). (Possible deviations of +/-100!!)
  • Also you should know, that I haven't tested it that much, so there are possible errors.. If you found some, please give me the error-message and a short but detailed description about what you've done a that moment.
  • I've tried to hold it small and clean - but I'm not sure, how much memory and cpu-usage it waste and if it will possibly lag.. Just let me know, if you made observations like this!
  • Only supports german and english atm - if you have another client-language, it should use the english packet (but not sure!).

Final Notes:

  • Atm, I use the wow-internal error-box for the output. If the mod gets popular, I'll spend time to "design" something more sophisticated.
  • Please let me know, if you miss some data (only pvp relevant data ;-)).
  • This addon was inspired by a german forum user.
  • Excuse my english, please ;-).


Greetz and enjoy the mod.:)


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