This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

SDKP r74 Sonath mod r15


This is an EXPERIMENTAL version of sdkp (by Sachmo, see modified by Sonath for use as a replacement for ShowDKP. The concept of the mod is very simple: it displays EQDKP or EQDKP+ data in a scrolling table that can be sorted and filtered. The mod includes an auction system that can be used to determine loot winners either using a fixed price or classic bid amount (capped at the player's total DKP), and supports relational DKP (see DKP can be automatically deducted from the winner, or the mod can alternatively ask when loot is distributed for the DKP amount to charge. Finally, loot can be optionally tracked and exported in a manner similar to CT_RaidTracker. Bosses and events can be automatically tracked as "snapshots" that are added to each raid.

IMPORTANT: if you are upgrading from ShowDKP, note that the dkp_list.php files have CHANGED. You MUST re-upload them for the current downloader to function properly (or, upload them to a different place so you can continue to use the old showdkp if you wish).


  1. in the PHP subfolder, several php files are included for use with different types of websites: classic EQDKP, EQDKP+ and EQDKP with PHPBB. Upload the file required to the directory containing your EQDKP install. NOTE: if you use EQDKP+ and are employing the "multi-DKP" option, then use the dkp_list_eqdkpplus.php file, otherwise use the dkp_list.php file. If you do use the multi DKP option, the PHP script will download all the DKP pools into separate DKP lists that can be individually analyzed in-game.
  2. run the sdkp.jar file (you'll need java installed to run the executable) and add/delete as many EQDKP sites as you'd like, as long as you've performed step 1 for each.
  3. click "fetch" to download all the data.
  4. run WoW and use either the minimap icon or "/sdkp show" to bring up the GUI. The option pane is available by just typing "/sdkp" or right clicking the minimap icon.

Alts can be specified using the officer notes. Set the note to "Main: name" (without quotes) for each alt, if you want the DKP to be drawn from only the main's pool of DKP.

GUI commands:

TDA, SDA and NDA stands for thirty, sixty and ninety day raid attendance, as a percentage.

left click a user to automatically enter a bid for them, or right click a user to apply a DKP adjustment.

Items can either be clicked from a message tell or from the "set from loot" button in the GUI to be entered in for auctioning. Alternatively, turn on the "alt click" option, and loot can be alt-clicked to start an auction.

Expanding the sdkp window using the arrow on the right brings up the raid/loot tracking window. Right click a raid at the top to export in either CTRT or bulletin board format. Left click a raid to select it and display information regarding that raid. Recorded loot can be left clicked to bring up a window to change information regarding that drop (cost, who won it, note for the drop) or right clicked to delete a particular drop from the raid.


- DKP penalties can be applied to morons.

- DKP can be automatically awarded to the raid when an item is won/handed out.

- support for itemlevelDKP (fixed value) or classic bidding.

- items/snapshots can be automatically or manually tracked.

- raids can be exported for use in CTRT or bulletin boards.

- DKP taxing can be applied to people with high DKP values.

- loot/bosses can be automatically announced to the guild if desired.

- optional attendance check for people *not* in the raid to get credit for when a boss is downed.

command line commands:

"/sdkp help" - print usage information

"/sdkp" - bring up the options pane

"/sdkp show" - bring up the bids window

"/sdkp rroll" - generates a random roll for everyone in the raid

"/sdkp ss [add/remove] playername" - adds/removes a player from a snapshot

"/sdkp ss force" - forces a new snapshot to be taken and added to the raid.

"/sdkp [minornoob/majornoob] playername" - applies a 1 or 2 DKP penalty to the noob.

"/sdkp award [amount]" - award DKP to the raid (the amount can be negative to penalize the raid)

"/sdkp al item playername" - manually charges item to playername in the current snapshot.

supported bot commands:

"#attendance player" or "!attendance player" - returns 30 day attendance stat for player

"#bid [amount]" or "!bid [amount]" - selects the message sender's name from the table, optionally bidding "amount" DKP (this is capped at the players total DKP)

"#cancel" or "!cancel" or "#greed" or "!greed" - cancels a bid.

"#need" or "!need" - specifies an item as need, but not necessarily for spending DKP on. This option can be used as desired by the user(s). (if multiple people "#need" a particular item, the winner is determined by an internally generated random roll)

"#dkp [raid] [name1 or class1] [name2 or class2]..." or "!dkp [raid] [name1 or class1] [name2 or class2]..." - with no options, returns the requestor's DKP value. The "raid" flag only returns DKP values for members in the raid.

"#here" or "!here" - used in attendance checks to signal presence.


  • add parameter to noobness to set the penalty
  • highlight bidders
  • set default sort type to bids while bidding?


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