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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Siena's Gem Viewer is simple (not for creator ;P) addon for World of Warcraft. SGV filled little glitch in AH which Blizzard 'patched' in 2.1.0. Frankly saying, I was not going to update or develop this mod any further, since I don't play WoW, but people @ demanded a new, working version, so I created 3.1.3- a compatibility release. Since I quit wow long time ago I rarely check wowinterface and I don't track this mod anymore. Version was created by Coren ( who is also not active anymore. Versions 4.0.0 and beyond are created by bsmorgan.

Bonus filter allow you to search gems not only by socket color or its rarity, but also by bonuses they grant. Simple, do you want rare, blue socket that adds Strength? Triple click in SGV (rarity: rare, socket color: blue, bonus: Strength) you are ready to go!

To begin with SGV, simply open Auction House window, and click the new tab that has been added. Using it, you can order SGV to list all gems meeting your requirements, for instance rare & matching yellow socket. After you have clicked SEARCH button, the SGV, SGV will perform AH scan and list all gems matching your search criteria. Info includes gem name, rarity color, gem icon, it will show you CURRENT minimal bid for gem type and CURRENT minimal Buyout Value. You can change filter settings during scan. After scan has ended all all gathered data is available for offline browsing- which means, that you can play with filter settings without having to scan AH again (you can, of course, if you want to). When you left click on gem of your choice the SGV will send search request for item that you've selected and switch to browse page of AH Addon, where you will be able to buy it.

Dataset is rather small, so it will not hurt your addon cache, SGV will purge all data on AH Window close or WoW's exit. My intention was to write addon to have as low cpu and memory usage as possible, but you need to know, that this is my first addon for WoW and lua is not my primary programming language.

SGV lets you: - easily find gems on AH - create search filters (rarity, socket color, bonus filters) - know actual minimal bid and buyout values for gems - run search for specific gem - see number of specific gems (count(gem) group by Gem's name)

SGV cannot: - buy item directly from its frame

Things to know: - if you create filter f.e. gems that fit blue socket, SGV will show you also multisocket gems (blue and yellow, blue and red, etc) - when you click on item while scanning there is short pause between your action and SGV reaction- SGV puts your action on stack and waits for AH query permission; this pause is intentional - Currently bonus filters are available for US, GB. Other Clients won't show Bonuses dropdown menu, because of lacking bonuses' translations. Send me SGV_TRANS_ATT table and next verison will have bonuses for other language. Trans tables start: deDE, line 130 frFR, line 188

Locales: I'm aware that lots of people play WoW using different than enUS or enGB clients. I play using enGB, so I tried to localization addon as much as I can but I was not able to test it properly. - localized parts of SGV: - core algorithms [it includes mainly search patterns] - some UI elements

- deDE by Daddelkopp & tayeaden - frFR by Tazmanyak - zhTW by Evenrain - koKR by Sayclub - esES by me hahaha

Upcomming features: - full localization - with your help -... ..more to come? send me your suggestions

All critiques, bugtraqs, errors, patches, localisations, suggestions are welcome.

Thanks goes to: - Coren for v3.2.2.0 - ShaggY aka ShaggY for testing and suggestions ;* - Tazmanyak for frFR locale - tayeaden for help with German locale and pointing me out misstype in one german socket name and problem with ALL string - evenrain for zhTW translation - Sayclub for Korean translation - Daddelkopp for bonus filters for german client - Blizzard for their Interface AddOn Kit - Igor- creator of Igor's Mass Auction (check this addon out it's awsome:)) for clue how to hook my tab on Blizz's AH Frame. - The BugGrabber Team for buggraber - Scheid for myDebug

Have fun siena


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