This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

SimpleHUD is a heads-up-display which is meant to give the user an easy overview of stats relevant in combat for the player, players pet, players target and targets-target.
It is possible to adjust the addon to your liking through various options.
The addon is adjusted by some slash commands and with help from an options menu, type '/shud' to see the options.

Version 2.31

combo points will now only be showed when relevant for druids...

The addon can:

  • show player frame (player hp, power, incoming heals)
  • show emergency glow around player frame, to alert about low hp
  • show pet frame (pet hp, power, incoming heals and name)
  • show warlock soul shards, and Cooldown for Soulburn
  • show druid mana bar in forms
  • show Death Knight runes
  • show target frame (target hp, power, incoming heals, reaction, level, name, class, hp relative to player, range, buffs, debuffs)
  • show combo points on target
  • show targets-target frame (targets-target hp, power, incoming heals, class, reaction)
  • you can click at targets-target frame to target targets-target
  • you can hold alt-key and click at the player frame to target yourself
  • you can hold alt-key and click at the pet frame to target your pet
  • you can adjust the addon with help from an options frame


I have developed the addon mainly thinking about what I would like to have when doing PvP and I have also tested it a lot in battlegrounds, but I think the addon would be useful for PvE too.
In PvP I prefer 'fast' and concise information, and not too many details which distracts me unnecessarily. I think that I have somewhat managed to develop the addon so that it fulfill those demands, furthermore I have added enough options for the user to adjust the addon to his/her liking.

The player frame:

This frame contains a HP bar and a Power bar (mana, energy etc.) displaying the current amount of your power and hp, if you are a warlock it will also show your soul shards and cooldown for soulburn, if you are a death knight it will show your runes and cooldown status for your runes, and if you are a druid it will show your mana when in bear form or cat form. Incoming heals are shown as a yellow bar which extends at the HP bar.

It is possible to toggle on text for the bars which will show the current percentage of HP, Power and incoming heals, when the HP and Power bar are full their text is not shown. The text on the HP bar will turn red as the HP percentage gets close to around 20-30%.
When you have full health the frame will be very transparent, so that it doesn't distract unnecessarily. The less health you have, the less transparent the frame will become.

Around the player frame is a warning glow which will get toggled on at a health percentage set by you (default is 50%).
You can target yourself by holding down [alt] and clicking on the frame (it will light up as you hover it with the mouse).

The pet frame:

This frame is by default shown to the right of the player frame, and is of course only shown if you have a pet. The pet frame shows HP, Power and incoming heals the same way the player frame does. Beside showing pet power and health the name of the pet is also displayed.

Just like with the player frame, it is possible to target your pet by holding down the [alt]-key and clicking on the frame.

The target frame:

This frame is by default shown at the top of your screen. It shows the HP, power and incoming heals just like the player frame does. The transparency of the frame is adjusted by whether or not current target is in range. If the target is out of range the frame will be very transparent and if the target is in range it will become less transparent. By default, though, the target frame will be less transparent as if the target is in range, and will behave like this until the user has defined some spells to use for range check.

The name and current level of the target is shown at the top of the frame. The background colour near the name text informs about what class the target is, and the background colour near the level frame displays if a target is normal / elite / rare (colours are respectively: black / golden brown / gray). The colour of the level text displays differently whether the target is a player or a NPC. If the target is another player the colour of the level text will reflect how much max HP the target has compared to you, the colour will turn green if the target has much less max HP than you and red if it has more. If the target is a NPC the colour will reflect the level of the target compared to your level.

Around the target frame is a glow which colour indicates the reaction of the target, the colours are the same as the ones displayed on the default blizzard target frame, eg. green for friendly, yellow for neutral...

Just like the player frame it is possible to show text on the bars and the colour of the text on the HP bar will turn red as the HP percentage gets close to around 20-30%, just like on the player frame.

Furthermore is buffs on the current target displayed on the top of the frame, and debuffs on the target is shown below the frame. By default, only buffs and debuffs cast by you will be shown, but this can be adjusted in the options menu.

The targets-target frame:

This frame is similar to the target frame just smaller and without level information, buff and debuffs.
You can target the targets-target by clicking on the frame (when you hover the frame with the mouse it will light up in the reaction colour of the targets-target).


The options menu displays the various slash commands and let you:

  • Toggle fading after combat
  • Disable blizzard default target and player frame
  • Turn text on bars on / off
  • Turn emergency glow on / off
  • Adjust the percent at which the emergency glow should be turned on
  • Toggle target frame on / off
  • Adjust which kind of debuffs and buffs to display and how many


The addon is capable of showing if a target is in range. When the target is out of range the target frame will be very transparent, and when the target is in range the target frame will be less transparent, same goes for targets-target frame.
The range check is based on a check on whether or not it is possible to cast some user defined spells, and the addon will continuously go through the list to update the range status for the target, and because of this you should in general add as few spells as possible (shouldn't have much to say though, and when in a raid group the addon will be able to show range to raid members without going through the list at all). You can define spells for range check use, by typing:

/shud range [spell_1][spell_2][spell_3]...

where '[spell_1][spell_2][spell_3]...' is an arbitrary number of spells from you spell book. You should add both a HARMFUL and a HELPFUL spell to get range checks on both enemy and friendly targets.
Some examples of what I use on my various chars:
Warlock: [Unending Breath][Immolate]
Disc Priest: [Penance]
Druid: [Lifebloom][Claw][Feral Charge]
([claw] and [Feral Charge] work independent of your current form)

The list of spells to range check with is overwritten each time you call '/shud range'


You can reset the addon to its default values if the frames for some reason gets stuck some obscure place, or you have made a lot of adjustments which you now regret, by typing:

/shud reset

It will reset all values exept for the list of spells to use for rangecheck.

Art icons

The soul shard icons are by Bogrim. You should go se some of his other art at:
The DK runes are some fan art from Peter V Bretts homepage :
(go read his books they're awesome!)

Known problems

Blizzard default combo points and runes doesn't disappear when hiding Blizzards Player and target frame.
Numbers in text fields in the options menu doesn't appear until you click at them.


Do not hesitate to post or pm feedback for this addon, like suggestions, errors or weird behavior.


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