I no longer work on this project and have no plans to update it for 7.2 - but if someone wants to take it over let me know.


SlamAndAwe is based on the Enhancement Shaman addon "ShockAndAwe", for ALL Warrior specs.

To configure the addon, type "/saa config".

For any issues, bugs or feature requests, please open a ticket at:

This is much more helpful then leaving the error in a comment.

Priority Box

Configurable priority queue groups which display the next available ability along with a GCD timer. The default priorities are based from the latest data, or as close possible.

When changing specs, the following priority groups will switch automatically under the condition you're currently not using groups 4 or 5.

  • Priority group 1: Default group for Fury
  • Priority group 2: Default group for Protection.
  • Priority group 3: Default group for Arms.
  • Priority groups 4 and 5: Additional priority groups for configuring different situations, such as AoE damage.

You can configure keybinds for priority group switching on the fly through the standard keybind menu.

The priority frame will also change RED while enraged (Fury only).


Rage Bar (for protection warriors, changes to green when over 60 rage)

Fury: Taste for Blood, Bloodbath (if talented), Dragon Roar (if talented) and Avatar (if talented) and Commanding Shout

Arms: Colossus Smash, Avatar (if talented) and Commanding Shout

Protection: Ignore Pain with current absorb amount (estimated amount disabled atm), Shield Block, Demoralizing Shout, Last Stand, Shield Wall

Global: Battle Cry

Supports SharedMedia, so you can configure your bar textures to suit your UI. For additional textures and fonts install the SharedMedia addon as well.

Uptime Box

Fury: Tracks enrage

Protection: Tracks Ignore Pain and Shield Block


Configurable SAY/YELL/PARTY/RAID announcements for various cooldowns and abilities, including when they end/expire. Currently only available for Spell Interruption


How do you come up with these priority lists?

The default priority lists are based off Simulationcraft's action priority list for level 90, T14 Heroic gear.

Why don't you show additional priority boxes like other addons?

In a priority based system where spells and procs are constantly changing the rotation at the last second, it makes no sense to show additional "upcoming" abilities. This will only confuse you and can cause you to presume a non-ideal ability should you look away.

Why does the addon update so slowly?

It doesn't. The addon is configured to display the recommended priority .5 seconds before the end of the GCD, to ensure best accuracy. For the average player, .5 seconds should be enough time for you react, though, this setting can be changed by modifying the cooldown threshold in the options.

Why doesn't it have the priority option I want?

Let me know and I'll add it.


  • Rage Bar - Will be separated into it's own frame and more adjustable, including "out of combat" or enable/disable options.

Donations always appreciated.

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