This project is inactive and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. The author may have abandoned it, or it may have outlived its usefulness.

7x (Legion) Updates Still Pending

I am planning on updating the addon in the near future as time permits. I am actively playing WoW again, so this will help drive me to update my addons as I use them all myself and will eventually get to fixing any bugs in them over the next weeks/months.

Adds several party/raid oriented command line commands to the game:

All Players

  • /lv | leaves the group
  • /tele | teleports in/out of dungeon when in a LFD group.
  • /ploot | set Pass On Loot to Yes

Group Leaders

  • /mraid | Converts the party to/from raid.
  • /sloot | sets loot type and threshold.
  • /sgroup | sets group difficulty to normale, heroic or challenge modes
  • /sraid | Sets raid difficulty to 10, 25, 10h, 25h
  • /heroic | toggles the current raid/dungeon difficulty between heroic/normal modes
  • /challenge | toggles the current dungeon difficulty etween heroic/challenge modes")


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