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Do you know what Scrolling Combat Text is? I hope so, this is the same kind but for items. How does that work?

Well, this add-on will hide your Loot window and show you all items you pick-up as a scrolling text, with the the number and value of the item and the color of the rarity as font color.


  • /SLoTe enable - enables the scrolling loot
  • /SLoTe activate - see enable
  • /SLoTe disable - disable the scrolling loot
  • /SLoTe deactivate - see disable
  • /SLoTe loot enable - shows the lootframe
  • /SLoTe loot disable - hides the lootframe
  • /SLoTe money enable - shows picked-up money
  • /SLoTe money disable - hides picked-up money
  • /SLoTe honor enable - shows honor gain
  • /SLoTe honor disable - hides honor gain
  • /SLoTe currency enable - shows picked-up currencies
  • /SLoTe currency disable - hides picked-up currencies
  • /SLote help - shows the help


  • If you find any bugs, please report them.
  • I will try to add more features
  • Thanks for your feedback in advance


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