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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

This is a heavy customization of EPGP and EPGP Lootmaster Addons used by Something Wicked - Whisperwind and maintained on Curse for other like-minded guilds to be able to use it. SW-DKP uses a standardized loot value as well as a variation on the EPGP formula. Guilds that desire to use a system similar to EPGP that utilizes a standardized loot value instead of the ilvl/gear slot variation will find this preferable to EPGP. Additionally this adaptation uses the ratio based PR standard rather than the EP/GP standard.

How is the different from EPGP? How is this different from DKP? How is this different than a Loot Council?

Something Wicked developed a relational loot system with a few desires in mind:

  • We wanted a loot council, but we wanted a mathematical backup to keep it honest.
  • We wanted a system that rewarded seniority, without being punitive to newer members, allowing them to integrate with the senior members in a short period of time.
  • We wanted a system that didn't arbitrarily weight gear or use an auction system that can be manipulated.

DKP differences:

We originally used the popular EQDKP web software to track our system. We continued to award "DKP" based on hours raided and we continued to award points on gear. The difference is that rather than merely subtracting from the totals you've accumulated, leaving a result that would grow over the months of farming a tier of content, we used a relational system that divides the loot you've been awarded by the hours raided. Essentially giving the people who have had less loot per hour priority over those with more.

EPGP differences:

Doesn't EPGP do this? The answer is not quite. The base of the EPGP loot system uses varying weights on both the EP (effort) and the GP (gear( side. The system might weight a helm as more valuable than a belt, or encourage bidding to vary the gear. While this system works, it wasn't what we were looking for.

Under our system, each slot is worth the same. It doesn't change if the items are more or less popular and it doesn't punish players for getting the first drop, while a later drop is worth less. This maintains integrity in the system by insuring that an entire set of gear costs the same amount for every player per tier.

The goal in our system is to make a loot council that is essentially run by a calculator, as it has no bias. An ideal loot council will award gear based on the contribution to a guild, and our system measures that one only two criteria: 1) how much time they've put into learning/downing content; 2) how much they've already been rewarded for that time.

Keep in mind, this mod will not run your guild for you. It is merely a tracking/awarding tool. You will need to adapt the system to fit your guild. Some suggestions from our guild:

Upgrading Gear in the same tier/reducing waste

We allow members to upgrade their normal gear to heroic gear at a discount (essentially ensuring that everyone spends 2.0 per slot per tier, regardless if they take a normal piece before heroic, or upgrading straight to heroic.)


EPGP uses a weekly decay. We don't, we realize that gear doesn't drop proportionally to time spent raiding. In a given tier, it isn't important to use if your contribution to our progress is in the first week, or the last week, so we only do a decay before beginning a new tier of content. By using a 50% decay at the point of each new tier of content helps deemphasize the value of old contribution, while maintaining some amount of seniority reward.

Initiate/Offspec loot

We have four levels of loot awards: Members/Initiates/Sidegrade/Offspec.

  • Members receive the highest priority on loot drops, based on the their Current loot ratio.
  • Initiates are eligible for loot after Members, before any alternate use.
  • Sidegrades are defined as items in the same slot that someone has already purchased a different item for. We give "free" sidegrades to prevent punishing players that take actual upgrades without penalizing them for not holding out for the "absolute Best in Slot." However, sidegrade has a specific meaning. It doesn't mean "slight upgrade over what I'm using," it doesn't mean "I bought this item from the AH, now I want the better drop from the raid for free." Players are only eligible for sidegrades if they've purchased something in the tier.
  • Offspec: The sidegrade and offspec tiers are essentially the exact same thing. Both are giving free gear to members, the only difference is that items for offspecs don't require a prior purchase for eligibility. This requires a knowledgeable raid leader to prevent abuse, you don't want people taking "offspec loot" for healing, when in fact it is just going into their DPS spec without paying for it. Loot systems don't run themselves, don't let the mod replace your judgment.
The base of this mod is used with permission from Alkis Evlogimenos in accord with the EPGP license.

If you are looking for the original version of the EPGP mod: http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/epgp-dkp-reloaded.aspx


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