This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

What's this ?

Splortchs addon Splortchs Splortches of blood (or other things) on your screen, consequently to nearby physical damages.

  • Adapts the amount of splortched material according with detected physical damage, ignoring non-physical harms and splitting multi-school spells so physical part of it still counts.
  • Make blood or other things trickle down with time
  • Displays various kinds of blood or other fluids, depending on what is hit. The add-on compute blood aspect according with unit's name, type, family, race, class or energy type. Variable attributes are: blending color, transparency, filter color (default to blending), fluidity (from pasta-like to water-like), emissivity (yes, some bloods glow in the night !)
  • Auto-clean your screen, cleaning faster if it gets dirty faster, so you can enjoy it even in battlegrounds, in huge raids or in million-monsters traps.


Splortchs needs Ace3 and LibRangeCheck-2.0 in order to work. Both are available on Curse.com . Type "LibRangeCheck" in the search field of this site rather than "LibRangeCheck-2.0" if you're looking for it.


No configuration at all: just install.

Planed future improvements

  • Complete localization and special mobs reference, so all blood type are properly computed
  • Display special fluids when a vehicle is hit (oil, dragon blood, etc…)
  • Modify blood aspect depending on some special buffs or debuffs (poisoned, glowing blood in Zangar, etc…)
  • In character / Out of character separate display modes
  • Instant-cleaning of the screen when the camera goes underwater, or underwater display mode.
  • Also drop blood from the top of the screen when the player is wounded

Want to help ?


Want to localize, code, paint or hunt rare bloods ingame ? Send a PM and we'll see how to do that. Suggestions and bug reports are welcome as comment.


Want to donate ? Sorry but I'm not allowed to sell this "work", even if sometime I ask myself how I'm going to pay the food next week. WoW is a game, remember ? See next:


You really enjoy this add-on ? Tell people ! Tell your friends, tell your guild, tell your irl pets… Rate this add-on. I know what to do with fame.

You really enjoy what I do ? Hire me ! (or let me design buildings you need, because my real work is all about building architecture).


To Feador, for its inspiring addon "BloodyScreen". To mitch0, for LibRangeCheck I was about to re-invent until I noticed he had done all the work already. To Ace developpers To the incredible members of the french guild "Vieux Monstres" ("Old Monsters") on "La Croisade Ecarlate" server, who excelled in the Art of Splortching before any other guild.


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