This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

SquidFrame is an addon that lets you change your standard WoW Player Frame by allowing you to easily type /squidframe to go to a settings window where you can select one of the over 45 frames (and 28 SquidMod textures!) and change the standard frame to one of those. You can use an option/alt click command to drag the frame wherever you like; and it has a 3D portrait just for fun, updated version also allows you to edit the target and focus frame.

V2.3 Now includes a modified version of SquidMod by ganders, with updated gfx patch by Imithat


"It just makes WoW prettier" - SAM (creator of SquidMod)

Frame List:
• None - WoW Player Frame
• Rare - Rare Mob Frame
• Elite - Elite Mob Frame
• RareElite - Rare Elite Mob Frame
• Rare (Pixel) - Pixel Frame
• Elite (Pixel) - Pixel Frame
• BlizzCon '07 1 - GreatSword Frame (BlizzCon '07)
• BlizzCon '07 2 - LongSword Frame (BlizzCon '07)
• Deathknight1 - Class Frame
• Deathknight2 - Class Frame
• Rogue1 - Class Frame
• Deathknight Blood - Blood Presence Frame - used with permission from Phaye Presence
• Deathknight Frost - Frost Presence Frame - used with permission from Phaye Presence
• Deathknight Unholy - Unholy Presence Frame - used with permission from Phaye Presence
• Warrior Berserk - Warrior Berserk Frame - used with permission from Phaye Presence
• Warrior Defensive - Warrior Defensive Frame - used with permission from Phaye Presence
• Hunter Gun - Engineers or Hunters may prefer this one
• Hunter Bow - Druids or Hunters, heres a nice tree/bow frame
• Druid Bear - Have the frame that matches your druids true form
• Druid Cat - Have the frame that matches your druids true form
• Druid Aquatic - Have the frame that matches your druids true form
• Druid Moonkin - Have the frame that matches your druids true form
• Druid Treeform - Have the frame that matches your druids true form
• Druid Flightform - Have the frame that matches your druids true form
• Mage Arcane - Colorful bursts of light
• Mage Fire - The frame for those of a firey nature
• Mage Frost - Your as cold as ice and you know it
• Holy Paladin - May the light of alune always shine from your hands
• Protection Paladin - Throw that shield like the best of em
• Retribution Paladin - A sword infused with the holy power of retribution
• Discipline Priest - When one spell just isn't enough
• Holy Priest - May the guardian angel forever look over your shoulder
• Shadow Priest - Do you hate that your manafiend can't be out all the time ? now it can.
• Death Angel - Special ghost frame for those times when the inevitable happens
• Squid - Default "Squid" Frame
• Icy - Frozen Frame (Skórrs first frame :P)
• X-Perl - WHAT NOW X-PERL?!?!?!
• Diablo 1 - Diablo Demon Frame
• Diablo 2 - Diablo Angel Frame
• Bloodsplatter - Loads of red sticky stuff
Removed Frames
• Elite (Snowy) - Snowy Frame
• Rare (Snowy) - Snowy Frame

Texture List:
• Griffon - The default texture
• Lion - It's just a really big ca– AAAUUUGGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!
• Casters - One wicked sword!
• Deathknight 1 - His choice of armor
• Deathknight 2 - Don't mess with this guy...
• Deathknight 2 black n' white - WOAH!!! Now he's mean AND 70yrs old!
• Diablo 1 (Roth's) - Roth's version of a Diablo demon
• Diablo 1 - A Diablo demon
• Diablo 2 (Roth's) - Roth's version of a Diablo angel
• Diablo 2 - A Diablo angel
• Guardian - The portal guardian
• Jaeden - This guys even scarier than the Deathknight?!?!
• Murloc 2 - Ah crap... this one has a knife
• Patchwerk - (he doesn't smell very good)
• Skull - I wonder who he... was...
• T3 Warrior - Man, I wish I had a pair of those...
• Whelp - He looks cute now... but man... he's gunna be anoying later on...
• Dwarf - Their fat but their tough
• Gnome - Why is it spelled with a G?
• Night Elf - She smells good
• Orc - Now HE'S a warrior!
• Tauren - Wow... he's pretty strong for an overgrown cow
• Troll - I thought trolls where from Norway...
• Ghoul - (he's like Patchwerk... he doesn't smell good)
• Emblem - SquidMod's signature emblem
• SquidMod - SquidMod's signature texture

Note From the Authors:

Whizque (Author v1.0 and 1.1)
I first started with Class Player Frame which didn't have the option to change the player frame in-game and I didn't know how to do that :( But then I remember about SquidMod (I always loved this addon since SAM first started it) now maintained by Ganders, instead of the gryphon (on the actionbar) I want to change player frame, so it's pretty much the same useless addon :P

Skórr (Author v1.5, v1.5a, and 1.6)
I have deleted WoW off of my computer and my WarCraft days are over, Triadian is now taking over and I hope he can bring it back up to page 2 of the Unit Frames page. If anything doesn't work im very sorry, I havn't played since version 3.3.0 of WoW so its probably a little out of date, but I hope you guys enjoy the new frames! (If they work)... Goodbye, and hope you enjoyed my updates! Also if you want an addon just for the elite frames by all meens get EliteFrame

Triadian (Author v2.0a to current)
i decided to add some of my own gfx to some frames along with the Intuitive mode, if intuitive is turned on the addon will select the best frame based on your character.

1.0 - 1.1 uses most of the codes from SquidMod by Ganders for it to work but 1.5 and up changed it a lot but some of the credit still goes to him. I hope you enjoy it!

Your Opinion:

feel free to write anything you like or dislike here - if however you have a bug report or a feature suggestion please fill out a ticket HERE and i will do my best to implement it or explain why it wont be implemented.


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