Talented 2.0 Beta!

Talented 2.0 is a complete rewrite of the original addon. I've re-implemented all of the old features and I'll be trying to add some new stuff moving forward. Let me know if you have any issues. Your old builds will not port over to the new Talented.


Talented lets you save and recall various talent builds as you specify. Have a particular build you like to quest with, but different builds for Dungeons, Mythics, Single Target, AoE, Raiding, PvP, etc? Save ALL your different builds with this addon, and instantly apply saved builds with two simple clicks.


Many options can be accessed in the interface options or with /talented for quick access.

  • PvE and PvP - Works great for PvE and PvP builds.
  • Tier Ignore - Building out for a specific ability and don't care about certain tiers? Talented lets you ignore those tiers and just save and recall the talents you care about.
  • Class-based Talents - Builds are saved by class, so if you log in on other characters of the same class, your saved builds will still be accessible.
  • Chat Spam Silence - Tired of being told what you've learned/unlearned even though you just clicked the buttons? I was! So Talented does something about it. By default, it only silences chat with Talented does the talent swapping.
  • PvP Hiding - Don't PvP and tired of seeing the PvP button? You can hide it, if you like.
  • Default IcyVeins Builds - I poured through every single IcyVeins build guide to try to pick a decent standard RAID-FOCUSED build for every specialization. Special thanks to Epictortilla-US-Korialstrasz for the help!
  • DataBroker Plugin - Change your builds without even having to open the talent pane with the DataBroker plugin.


  • I'll be trying to add some undisclosed functionality to this over time.
  • Sorry if I deleted your Talented 1 builds.
  • If you disagree with my read on the IcyVeins builds, change TalentedDefaultSpecs.lua.
  • Is Talented missing something you want? Let me know, and I'll let you know if I can add it.

Known Issues

  • Some users are reporting that the addon doesn't work after upgrading from v1. Deleting the \World of Warcraft\WTF\Account{your_account}\SavedVariables\Talented.lua and the Talented.lua.bak seems to be fixing the issue but clearly doesn't scale well to meet everybody's needs. I'm looking into a fix but I'm not sure I'll have a solution in place without blowing away everybody's builds one more time, which I'd like to avoid.


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