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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

I'm out of here

This game has become too frustrating for me to play any more - so I wont be up-dateing this addon. I'm not the owner so I can't add you to the project Players are nice - bugs are frustrating

The Core Concept

TargetForMe2 allows the player to use a single macros to perform the majority of targeting requirements on all boss fights.

When raiding, some boss fights require you to re-target a number of times during the fight, to kill different targets, often new adds that have been summoned.

Sure, I could tab target, but that can be unreliable depending upon facing. I could click, but the point is, using a macro is FASTER. It may only be a second faster, but it's still faster and that's better.

Using TFM2 - the simple version

  1. Install the TargetForMe2 mod.
  2. Open up your macro panel (type /macro whilst in game).
  3. Locate the macro called _TFMTarget and drag it onto one of your bars where it will be accessible during boss fights.
  4. When in an instance, in a boss fight, use the macro to efficiently target the right target.

Using TFM2 - advanced

TargetForMe2 allows you to customise the functionality of the mod in a number of ways.

These are accessed by opening the TFM2 options. This can be done by opening the Blizzard options and looking for TargetForMe2, or as a shortcut you can type /tfm or /tfm2. There is also a databroker LDB icon built in, which can be displayed on any broker bar.

Adding Spells/Abilities to the macro

On the main options page, there are two input boxes where you can add an additional line that will be added to the end of every targeting macro. TFM2 indicates which spec you are currently using (primary or secondary). Against each spec, enter the additional macro command you would like to add to targeting macros whilst in that spec. For example I could enter /cast Fireball for my primary spec and then /cast Frostbolt for my secondary spec.

Viewing or Editing targeting macros

TFM2 allows you to view all macros stored in the mod from the options panel. You can also override the targeting macros I have provided.

  1. Select the Overrides section of the options for TFM2.
  2. Select the ROLE that you want to view/edit macros for. This will default to your current role.
  3. Select the INSTANCE and BOSS that you want to view/edit the macro for.
  4. The macro code will be shown in the Override Macro Code box below. If you would like to edit the macro for that Role/Boss combination, just edit the text in the Override section and then click the Accept button.
  5. If you would like to revert any macro you have edited to the default one provided with TFM2, select it and then click the Reset Macro button.
Additional macros for a boss

For some boss fights, it's handy to have another macro, maybe for tasks other than targeting. For example, in the Anub'arak fight in TotC, I might want a macro that uses /cancelaura to remove my stamina buffs. I use it myself in the Lich King fight for a macro to target a Shambling Horror and cast Charge to get there asap, so I can drop off the plague debuff. TFM2 creates an additional macro called _TFMCustom. This macro will remain empty unless you create one, using the same method as for override of targeting macros above.

  1. Select the Custom macros section of the options for TFM2.
  2. Set the dropdowns to the role/instance/boss you want, then enter the macro.
  3. When you encounter that boss, the _TFMCustom macro will be rewritten to be the macro code you entered through the options page.

How it Works

TFM2 creates and automatically updates a targeting macro for you, based upon which boss you are facing. This macro is called _TFMTarget and can be found in your standard macros collection. It does this by tracking what zone you are in and whether any of your group/raid members are targeting a known boss. When a boss is targeted, TFM2 will automatically rewrite the _TFMTarget macro with the correct macro for that boss. TFM2 also understands what class and spec you are and translates that to one of the following four roles:

  • Tank
  • Melee DPS
  • Ranged DPS
  • Healer

The targeting order for a boss is sometimes different for these roles, such as ranged needing to prioritize a different target to the melee, so a targeting macro is set and stored for each role against each boss. For Tank and Melee DPS the targeting macro also has the /startattack command added, to ensure that you're actually attacking the target. Especially useful for warriors with insufficient rage to activate whatever spell/ability they have set.

Example macros

Autotarget priority macro As an example, the TFM2 macro for Professor Putricide is:

/tar Volatile Ooze
/tar [noexists][dead] Gas Cloud
/tar [noexists][dead] Professor Putricide

When I push the keybind for this macro, it looks for a Volatile Ooze to target, if it can't find one, it targets a Gas Cloud and lastly, if there's no gas cloud, it will target Professor Putricide.

Manual target selection An alternate form of macro which may be used where it is not fixed which order to target in is as follows

/tar Scourge Hulk
/tar [mod:ctrl]Dragonflayer Seer
/tar [mod:shift]Dragonflayer DeathSeeker
/tar [mod:alt]Dragonflayer Fanatic

In this case the macro is assigned to say the C button pressing C will target the Scourge Hulk whereas CTRL-C will target Dragonflayer Seer and so on Of course you then need to KNOW which modifier key does what

Supported Instances

Wrath of the Lich King

  • Icecrown Citadel (10/25 raid)


  • Blackrock Caverns (5-man)
  • Throne of the Tides (5-man)
  • Grim Batol (5-man)
  • Halls of Origination (5-man)
  • Lost City of the Tol'vir (5-man)
  • The Stonecore (5-man)
  • The Vortex Pinnacle (5-man)

(only Blackrock Caverns and Throne of the Tides have actual targeting macros for the bosses, the rest currently have empty macros so you can store your own)

You can help!

I primarily play tank and heals, so my knowledge of other roles in fights is a bit limited. Even with regards to Tanking and Melee, the macros in TFM2 aren't guaranteed to be the best, they're just the ones I came up with.

If you find a way to improve upon any of the targeting macros I have included in TFM2, please let me know! I'll take a look and if I consider it to be better for the majority of users, I'll change the default macro in the mod and credit you. :)


The original mod, TargetForMe ended up hugely exceeding the design scope that I set for it, so TargetForMe2 has been fully re-written from scratch, to utilize the Ace3 framework and provides all of the functionality that was in the original mod, plus lots more.


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