Taunt Tattle Rehashed

I'M BACK! (again) I know I like to take a lot of breaks from WoW, I just get burned out a lot, but I'm back again and ready to maintain this project again.

Any time someone uses a taunt near you, it tattles to self (addon message) or party/raid who taunted what creature, with what spell.

This is a rehash of the original Taunt_Tattle addon to update it to include more taunt skills, fix the getpartymember error, and update it for Mists and Monks! (As well as add script commands to enable/disable certain aspects without reloading ui!)

Slash command /ttr for options
/ttr ( tg | toggle) - Toggle announcements on or off. Default on.
[Extra options to enable while in party, raid, instance, and battleground in options window]
/ttr ( so | selfonly ) - Toggle reporting to self only, regardless of group or raid. Default off.
/ttr ( imt | ignoremt | ignoremaintank ) - Toggle whether party/raid members flagged as "tank" are ignored. Default off. (useful for pointing out non tank taunts)
/ttr ( ip | inparty ) - Toggle check to see if the source of the taunt is in the party/raid or not. Default on.
/ttr ( al | alone ) - Toggle whether ttr announces while you're alone (not in group/raid). Default off.
/ttr ( st | stance ) - Toggle whether switching to a defensive stance/form/buff is announced. Default on.
/ttr ( wnt | whisper ) - Toggle whether players not flagged as tank are whispered to not use detected spells. Default on.
/ttr ( ig | ignore ) - Toggles ignore on selected target.
- /ttr ( iglist | ignorelist ) - Displays a list of currently ignored targets.
- /ttr ( igre | ignorereset ) - Clears the ignore list.
- /ttr ( igar | ignoreautoreset ) - Toggles ignore to automatically clear on new session.

Detected Taunts:
- Taunt
- Mocking Banner (Removed in Legion)
- Righteous Defense (Removed in Legion)
- Hand of Reckoning
- Growl
Death Knight
- Death Grip (Blood Only)
- Dark Command
Demon Hunter
- Torment
- Provoke
- Dizzying Haze
- Pet - Suffering (Voidwalker/Voidlord)
- Distracting Shot (Removed in Legion)
- Pet - Growl

Detected Stances:
- Defensive Stance (Removed in Legion)
- Righteous Fury (Removed in Legion)
- Bear Form
Death Knight
- Blood Presence (Removed in Legion)
- Stance of the Sturdy Ox (Removed in Legion)
- Pet - Threatening Presence (Voidwalker/Voidlord)
- Pet - Threatening Presence (Felguard/Wrathguard)

If there are any taunts/stances missing, please let me know, and I'll add them!


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