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AlicesTauntWatch monitors your combat log for taunts being used by other players and sends a message to your party or raid whenever somebody uses one. It also alerts you when people use abilities which generate a lot of threat, such as Frost Shock. This is a useful addon for tanks.

The chat message includes the name of the taunt, the name of the person who used it and their target name (if they have one).

Chat messages can also be disabled or enabled with a single command: /tw rep.


  • SilentAlice thanks Thulin and Oxio of Silvermoon (EU) for their help with testing.
  • GeodesicDragon thanks SilentAlice for allowing him to take care of her AddOn.

For Pets

Alice has developed a second addon (Alice's TauntWatch - Pets) which works with TauntWatch to display hunter and warlock pet taunts.


If you would like to see any further development of this addon, including additions to the taunt list, or perhaps another method of alerting you to the taunt - please let me know by either leaving a comment, or sending a Curse PM to GeodesicDragon.


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