Alice's TauntWatch - Pets


TauntWatch Pets functions in the same way as TauntWatch, except it monitors your Combat Log for pet taunts, and adds a message to your default chat frame whenever a pet uses one.

As with TauntWatch, the message includes the name of the taunt, the pet name and the target name in one line, with a colour code that is very easy on the eye (class colours for taunt name and Pet name, and the default "hostile" red colour for enemy name).


<font color="#ABD473">Nekruk</font> used <font color="#ABD473">Growl</font> on <font color="#FF0000">Tol'vir Merchant</font>.
<font color="#9482C9">Krakthang</font> used <font color="#9482C9">Torment</font> on <font color="#FF0000">Twilight Armsman</font>.


If you would like to see any further development of this addon, including additions to the taunt list, or perhaps another method of alerting you to the taunt - please do let me know by leaving a comment here, or sending a Curse PM to GeodesicDragon.


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