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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


While TB Assimilator implements safeguards to protect your account against in-game suspensions for spamming, please do understand that no system is infallible. Therefore, I cannot be held responsible for any sanctions taken against your account if you choose to download this add-on. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

I do take reports of suspensions and bans extremely seriously, however, and will take swift action to adjust the behavior of TB Assimilator.

If you are worried about getting your account suspended, try clearing out the sales pitch. This will send guild invitations without whispering players first.



Is your guild too small? Is your guild level too low? No matter your inadequacy, TB Assimilator is the solution! Seamlessly and effortlessly recruit 1000 members to level your guild to 25 for you, in no time!

Note: TB Assimilator is paused by default and you will need to start it manually by opening the configuration window.

Mass Recruiting

TB Assimilator constantly scans for guildless players, then sends them a customizable sales pitch (by default, it will include your tastiest perks, based on whether the potential recruit is still leveling or at max-level), followed by a guild invitation. It will recruit members up to a user-specified maximum (default: 925).

The very powerful search engine has the ability to discover every single guildless player on your faction and realm. No exceptions! Before you know it, your guild will have taken over your entire server!

TB Assimilator discovers guildless players as follows:

  • Periodic /who queries on various level ranges, and classes.
  • Players who speak on private channels (including the built-in General and Trade channels, but not /yell or /say).
  • Players who send you whispers.
  • Guild mates who request that you invite a friend to the guild.
  • Group members.
  • Players you target or mouseover.
  • Players who apply to your guild using the guild finder interface.
  • Your friends list.
  • Manual /who queries performed by the player.

Silent Operation

TB Assimilator works completely silently in the background. All unnecessary messages, such as invitation and "declined" messages, AFK / DND and Deadly Boss Mods responses, as well as outgoing sales pitches, are discarded. You are only notified when a new Zergling joins your ranks.

The add-on will also pause itself while you are in challenging content, such as rated PvP matches, or non-trivial raid instances.

Assimilation Rank

When a new Zergling is hatched, it is automatically promoted to a customizable rank, defaulting to the lowest guild rank. However, certain guilds reserve that rank as a "timeout" rank where members are unable to speak on guild chat, so setting a higher rank as the assimilation rank may prove useful in such cases.

You cannot set a rank that requires an authenticator as the assimilation rank.

Warning: any rank lower than the assimilation rank will be processed when kicking members from the guild!

Assimilation Date

TB Assimilator stores each Zergling' assimilation date within its internal database. You have the option of using public notes or officer notes to display those dates for easy reference.


TB Assimilator keeps a record of your assimilation statistics, including how many Zerglings have been hatched, how many were sacrificed, and the day you first started running the add-on. These are displayed at the bottom of the configuration window.

Welcome Message

Make your freshly-spawned Zerglings feel at home! TB Assimilator can automatically welcome new members to your guild (default: enabled). If the Zergling leaves the hatchery too quickly, they will not be greeted.


You have the ability to prevent specific players from ever joining your guild for any reason. Maybe a former guild mate behaved like a jerk, or you want to avoid recruiting certain known spammers. TB Assimilator will not try to recruit those players automatically even if a guild mate requests it, and will warn you if you manually invite a blacklisted player.

Players marked with the "kick note" at the time you kick them from your guild (whether individually or through one of the /tba purge commands described below) will be added to your blacklist automatically.

No Spam

TB Assimilator only attempts to recruit players once, then avoids inviting them again for 14 days. If you really would rather avoid specific players, add them to your Ignore list or blacklist, and TB Assimilator will always skip them.

Whispers and guild invitations are also sent staggered to avoid flooding chat channels. This behavior should hopefully help protect against in-game suspensions for spamming.

Multi-Guild Support

Do you play multiple alts in different guilds? Not a problem! TB Assimilator completely isolates its data on a per-guild basis. Even if you leave a guild and join a new one, the add-on will continue functioning correctly.

Slash Commands


A new /gkick command allows you to remove Zerglings from your guild without having to scroll through pages of guild roster!


Bring up the standalone configuration panel with this command. You must enable TB Assimilator through this options menu after installation!

/tba c

This command brings up the configuration panel within the Blizzard Interface Options window.

/tba <player>

Use this command if you ever need to send both a sales pitch and guild invitation to a player manually for any reason.

/tba -<player>

This command will add the specified, punctuation-separated players to your blacklist, preventing them from being automatically invited to your guild. Any white spaces between the minus sign (-) and the name to blacklist will be stripped, so you can type the minus (-) followed by shift-clicking a player name from chat (which immediately prepends a space).

/tba f

This command will record any missing assimilation date (if applicable) and fix the guild ranks of any guild members at or below the assimilation rank. It is primarily useful when other guild officers are recruiting members manually.

/tba k

This command searches for inactive players at or below the assimilation rank and kicks them. The algorithm is fairly complex, and is based on level, guild contribution, and last date online. Players with the kick note are also sacrificed. The kicking process is only triggered manually, so do not use it if you intend to keep your Zerglings.

As always, the system messages are collapsed into a single list of players kicked for easier reference.

Note: The /tba purge commands will remove players up to the members target you specify in the configuration window, plus some extra to allow room for further guild growth.

/tba l

"Light" kicking mode will only sacrifice low level Zerglings with insufficient guild activity. This command is useful for removing bank alts and players who created an alt that tley logged in once.

/tba m

"Medium" kicking mode is slightly more aggressive than "Light" mode, and constitutes a good compromise between the regular purge and "Light" mode if you need more room for active members.

/tba a

This command sacrifices ALL Zerglings. Use with caution!

Officer Notes

A customized string (the "kick note") may be used to mark players you always want to kick via the '/tba k' command, ignoring their guild activity. Such players would also be blacklisted from rejoining your guild whenever you kick them from your guild. You set this string manually in the player's office note on a case-by-case basis.

Another string (the "keep note") may also be defined to mark players you want to keep despite low guild inactivity. This will not protect them against "/tba a" however. Promote such members to a higher rank if you wish to keep them as permanent members.


TB Assimilator is disabled by default upon joining a new guild. The add-on must be configured throug the '/tba' command upon joining a new guild (including the first time after installation), and enabled by checking the Enabled checkbox.

Players running TB Assimilator must have guild invitation permission. The permission to promote will also be required if the assimilation rank is not the lowest rank within the guild. The permission to talk on guild chat is required to welcome new Zerglings, and the permission to edit guild notes is required for time stamping. Lastly, the permission to kick players is required to use the /tba purge commands.

It is recommended that only one player per guild run this add-on, to avoid spamming others with guild invitations and possibly getting reported for harassment.

Known Issues

On occasion, the game will complain that a player you are attempting to assimilate is already in a guild, when that is clearly not the case. Simply inform such players interested in joining your guild that logging out, then back in, usually resolves the issue.

Also, since WoW 4.1, players on trial accounts can no longer join guilds. There is no way for the add-on to determine whether a player is on a trial account; therefore you will occasionally receive a red error indicating "Feature not available for trial accounts." If the player asks you for an invitation, you will need to inform them that they cannot be invited until they upgrade their accounts.


TB Assimilator depends on TB Core. The latest release of TB Core is included with TB Assimilator so you do not need to download it separately.


Localization for TB Assimilator is open. Please contribute your translations using the CurseForge contribution page.

Bugs and Requests

Please submit them using the CurseForge Tracker.

About the Author

I am a professional software engineer who plays World of WarCraft way too much and develops add-ons as a hobby (crazy, I know!). I have played the same character since the release of World of WarCraft, a hunter called Valana, in the Team BATTLE guild on the Mug'thol realm. I raid some, but my primary focus in this game is PvP.

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