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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


Trading Items

TB Alt-Trader enables the use of ALT-clicking in any situation where you would want to "trade" items:

  • To trade items with other players (can be used to initiate trade as well).
  • At the bank.
  • At the guild vault.
  • To post auctions.
  • To attach items to a letter.
  • To sell items to a vendor.

The above work in both directions; in other words; you may alt-click items to return them to your inventory.

The default Blizzard UI already supports right-clicking, which only works for some of those cases. Thus, you cannot right-click to initiate a trade with someone (right-clicking uses the item, so you need to open trade first). In this respect, TB Alt-Trader provides one consistent way to "trade" items.

Buying Full Stacks

Thanks to TB Alt-Trader it is also possible to purchase an entire stack simply by alt-clicking it from the merchant.

Purchasing Limits

TB Alt-Trader allows you to purchase up to 999 of any item at a time, by shift-clicking or shift-right-clicking an item sold by a vendor. The default Blizzard UI only allows the purchase of up to one stack at a time.

Any third-party script or add-on that invokes the BuyMerchantItem() function will automatically take advantage of this feature.

Alternate Currencies

TB Alt-Trader extends stack-purchasing to items that require alternate currencies (such as Honor Points). Under the default UI, only items purchasable purely with gold are eligible.

Mouse Wheel Scrolling

TB Alt-Trader adds support for mouse wheel scrolling to the merchant frame. Scrolling down will advance to the next page, whereas scrolling up will return to the previous page. Holding shift will scroll all the way, while holding control will scroll to the halfway point relative to your position and your scrolling direction.


Localization for TB Alt-Trader is open. Please contribute your translations using the CurseForge contribution page.

Bugs and Requests

Please submit them using the CurseForge Tracker.

About the Author

I am a professional software engineer who plays World of WarCraft way too much and develops add-ons as a hobby (crazy, I know!). I have played the same character since the release of World of WarCraft, a hunter called Valana, in the Ridiculously Beautiful guild on the Magtheridon realm. I raid some, but my primary focus in this game is PvP.

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