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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


PvE Instances

If you are a Hunter with the Improved Tracking talent, TB Auto-Tracker will make sure that you use a form of Tracking which grants you the damage bonus upon entering a PvE instance, or being resurrected inside one. Because there is no typically no need to keep switching your active Tracking during a PvE instance, TB Auto-Tracker will not attempt to adjust it at any other time in the middle of an instance. This is to avoid disrupting you by casting a Tracking spell at an inopportune time.


Furthermore, TB Auto-Tracker will attempt to determine the composition of the opposing team during Arena matches. If a Rogue, Druid, or invisible unit is detected, or if you do not have Improved Tracking, TB Auto-Tracker will enforce Track Hidden. Otherwise, and provided you have the Improved Tracking talent, TB Auto-Tracker will switch to Track Humanoids. In the event that there is an invisible mage or a Night Elf in Shadowmeld in the opposing team, TB Auto-Tracker will keep trying to determine the best tracking until you engage in combat, at which point it will stop entirely to avoid disrupting your match.

Battlegrounds & Lake Wintergrasp

TB Auto-Tracker will switch to Track Humanoids in battlegrounds and Lake Wintergrasp if you have Improved Tracking and an improved form of tracking enabled. Otherwise, it will switch to Track Hidden.

Dual Talent Specialization

TB Auto-Tracker is aware of the dual talent specialization feature, and will readjust itself if you switch talent specializations in the middle of an instance.


TB Auto-Tracker depends on TB Core. The latest release of TB Core is included with TB Auto-Tracker so you do not need to download it separately.


Localization for TB Auto-Tracker is open. Please contribute your translations using the CurseForge contribution page.

Bugs and Requests

Please submit them using the CurseForge Tracker.

About the Author

I am a professional software engineer who plays World of WarCraft way too much and develops add-ons as a hobby (crazy, I know!). I have played the same character since the release of World of WarCraft, a hunter called Valana, in the Team BATTLE guild on the Mug'thol realm. I raid some, but my primary focus in this game is PvP.

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