TB Emo-tes

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.



TB Emo-tes provides you with many new /emotes which let you express how you truly feel:

  • /blowkiss (provided because /kiss is replaced)
  • /bridge
  • /bro
  • /brofist
  • /bromance
  • /care
  • /contract
  • /despise
  • /diaf
  • /die
  • /droids
  • /fail
  • /fistbump
  • /flip and /flipout
  • /fondle
  • /freakout
  • /golf (just a shorter alias for Blizzard's /golfclap)
  • /goodnight
  • /goodstory
  • /goodluck (just an alias for Blizzard's /luck)
  • /gtfo
  • /forgive [<name>]
  • /hand (just a shorter alias for Blizzard's /holdhand)
  • /hate
  • /hold
  • /horny
  • /hot
  • /joke
  • /kill
  • /kiss (replaces Blizzard's /kiss)
  • /like
  • /makeout
  • /miss
  • /mouth and /mouthtomouth
  • /mutter
  • /night
  • /offend [<name>]
  • /pie
  • /play
  • /pwn
  • /qq
  • /queef
  • /river
  • /serenade (just an alias for Blizzard's /sing)
  • /skills
  • /sohot
  • /spank
  • /stfu
  • /story
  • /tear
  • /tears
  • /thumb
  • /thumbs
  • /thumbsup
  • /thumbup
  • /worship
  • /wrists
  • /wtf
  • /wth
  • /yourwrists

TB Chat Enhancements

Players using TB Chat Enhancements will see the new emotes displayed as if they were Blizzard emotes (they will see the emotes referring to "you" instead of their name).


TB Emo-tes depends on TB Core. The latest release of TB Core is included with TB Emo-tes so you do not need to download it separately.


Localization for TB Emo-tes is open. Please contribute your translations using the CurseForge contribution page.

Bugs and Requests

Please submit them using the CurseForge Tracker.

About the Author

I am a professional software engineer who plays World of WarCraft way too much and develops add-ons as a hobby (crazy, I know!). I have played the same character since the release of World of WarCraft, a hunter called Valana, in the Ridiculously Beautiful guild on the Magtheridon realm. I raid some, but my primary focus in this game is PvP.

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