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Hey everyone,

First of all i would like to say this is the first artworks im uploading, never had to deal with others dislikes, altho if u dislike something send me a P.M. I'll keep it in mind and might be able to do something about it, this Artwork works with KGPanels. There will be a "How To Install" Text file and probeley a Video soon, also you can easly find the video on youtube wich the owner from KGPanels made him self of how to input artwork in your WoW-Game with this mod.

The following UI's im working on now are;

  1. ThuBz - 4Rogue UI - Screenshot "01" & "02"
  2. ThuBz - 4Mage UI
  3. ThuBz - 4Hunter UI
  4. ThuBz - 4Warrior UI
  5. ThuBz - 4Deathknight UI

Rest of classes are also incoming, simply cant do all at once since i want them all to be diffrent from another. As you can see i got lot of work to do for now, but ill keep this page up-2-date screenshots probeley online tomorow after i fixed some minor issue's in the art work.

Update Info


ThuBz - 4Warrior Added (Beta)

ThuBz - 4Rogue UI New layout

ThuBz - 4Hunter UI Cancelled

ThuBz - 4Deathknight UI Cancelled

ThuBz - 4Mage UI Cancelled

To Do List

ThuBz - 4Rogue UI [0.2B New Layout]

  • Minimap [Reskin]
  • Unitframe's [Reskin]
  • Mainbar [Reskin]

ThuBz - 4Warrior [0.5B Screenshot]

  • Minimap [Reskin]
  • Unitframe's [Reskin]
  • Mainbar [Reskin]

ThuBz UI - Button/Logo


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