This mod lets you create a list of specific timers to track on yourself, a target, your pet or your focus.

Three main difference between this mod and other timer mods.

  • The bars you make always exist and show up as red if the buff/debuff is missing. This makes it easy to determine if you need to reapply a buff or dot.
  • Buffs, cooldowns and debuffs can be intermingled. This means as a hunter you can track your Explosive Shot cooldown right above the Serpent Sting dot on a target. Or a Death Knight can have Unholy Blight right next to Frost Fever.
  • The bars all use absolute time scales. You can set the scaling factor in the configuration window, but the actual time is always absolute. This means whichever bar is closest to empty will expire first which allows you to look ahead and make a smart decision on which ability to use next based on the order that buffs and debuffs will expire.


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