UnderAchiever - Automatic Fake Achievement Links!

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


The AddOn that makes achievement links fake themselves!

Description is accurate for version: 4.

  • The CustomAchievements library has been removed from UnderAchiever until it is fixed. The only part of UA which this will effect is the bonus Feats of Strength lists.


UnderAchiever is an AddOn that fakes achievement links (to make it look like you have completed them). By default, it will fake any achievement you link as soon as it enters your message, although this can be turned off (along with many other options).

There is also an achievement replacement system. This allows users to choose text (in the format "%text") that they want to be replaced for an achievement link whilst typing. When these links are created, they follow the same options as auto-faking links.

Getting Started

  • Close WoW
  • Download the lastest version of UnderAchiever and install it
  • Log on your character and type "/ua" to show the UnderAchiever configuration


Here is a list of the available options and what they do:

  • Auto-faking - Whether or not UnderAchiever should fake achievements as soon as you link them
  • Use advanced saves in auto-faking - If this is enabled, any advanced links you create and save on the "Advanced Linking" page will be used during auto-faking
  • Use the real date/link if I have completed the achievement - If you have completed an achievement which UnderAchiever is about to auto-fake, having this option enabled will mean it uses your real completion date
  • Don't auto-fake whilst the Advanced Linking page is open - This option will temporarily stop the auto-faking if you have the "Advanced Linking" page open. This should only be needed if you plan to use the "Get from link" buttons on that page.
  • Whilst auto-faking is enabled, change links to my real achievement data (instead of faking) - If you do not want achievements to be faked but you would still like to be able to link your own achievement by just linking someone else's from chat, then enable this option.
  • Pick random dates between the following times - When auto-faking creates a random date (or when you click the Randomise Date button on the "Advanced Linking" page), UnderAchiever will pick the date randomly between the two times you set here (for example: 7 days ago and 0 days ago would pick dates between now and a week ago).

After changing any options, you must click the "Save Changes" button for them to take effect.

Advanced Linking

The Advanced Linking page is designed to allow you to fake achievements in many different ways. You can change any aspect of an achievement link (including whether each criteria is completed or not). You can also fake achievements with other peoples' names on, using the player dropdown menu.


Replacements are there to make linking achievements easier. It allows you to link a specific achievement without needing to open your achievement list and find it. You can set some text like "%epic" as the text you wish to type for the achievement (this text cannot contain spaces or %), and then you input the achievement ID (for example, [Epic] is 556). Once you've then added the replacement, every time you type that text, it will be replaced for your achievement you defined.

UnderAchiever comes with replacements for the most common achievements (in WotLK) already built in.


The Exceptions page is there to make auto-faking more flexible.

If there are some achievements you never want auto-faking to change, then you can add them to the bottom list called "Whilst auto-faking is enabled, do not fake these achievements"

If you only want auto-faking to fake certain achievements, you can add them to the top list which is called "Whilst auto-faking is disabled, keep faking these achievements", and then disable the auto-faking option.

Default Settings

There are several buttons on the About page for resetting UnderAchiever to its default settings.


  • "/ua" - open/close the UnderAchiever config
  • "/ua on" - Turn auto-faking on
  • "/ua off" - Turn auto-faking off


Can I get banned for using UnderAchiever?

No. Blizzard's policy for AddOns is: if it can be created then it is legal (unless it allows cross-faction communication).

If I complete an achievement which I faked to get into a raid, will the raid see me complete it?

Yes. There is no way for an AddOn to stop the completed message being sent to your raid. In most raids, people will be too busy being excited or organising loot after a boss is killed to even realise you didn't have the achievement. If they do realise, then that's the time you need to think of something clever to say!

How does UnderAchiever fake links?

An achievement link is just some text which is read differently by your WoW client. When you send an achievement link in a message, WoW puts your data for that achievement in the special link text. UnderAchiever just changes that text when it is added to your message!

Will my faked achievement have the same date on it if I fake it again?

Until you log off, UnderAchiever will keep using the first date which was faked for each achievement.

Why should people be allowed to fake achievement links?

PuG leaders have got into the habit of basing their decisions on just a link. Any player could get carried/boosted through a raid or dungeon and end up with a completed achievement they can link, but it doesn't mean they know the tactics or how to play their class well. If you also look at the opposite scenario, a player who doesn't have the achievement may be able to get into the top 3 DPS in a PuG, but just because they don't have the achievement they can't get into the raid (meaning they can never get the achievement!)

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