Descrition text unreadable #1

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  • lyngris created this issue Oct 1, 2018


  • lyngris added a tag Feature Request Oct 1, 2018
  • cfxfox added an attachment wpm.jpg Oct 2, 2018

    Intended Render

    This is what the mission view should look like without other UI customizations or addons.

  • cfxfox posted a comment Oct 2, 2018

    You appear to be running some sort of addon/interface graphics replacement which indiscriminately overrides built-in textures and fonts. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to handle GameFontBlack very well; as this font style is also used by the default UI, you should have similar issues with some text in the quest choices, pandaren faction selection, archaeology and allied races UI. I cannot replicate or work around this without knowing exactly what (and how) is replacing things.


    (On some level, you're lucky that whatever did this didn't also replace the parchment texture with a black rectangle, leaving you with black-on-black text.)

    Edited Oct 2, 2018
  • lyngris posted a comment Oct 2, 2018

    I'm using PhanxFont, which I've modified. I've now added GameFontBlack, and I'm now able to read the descriptions.

    SystemFont_Shadow_Large_Outline & SystemFont_Med2 are also changed, but since the color of  NoGroupLabel, RewardChest & TitleColor appear hard-coded I'm not sure how to "correct" this for my own use without having to modify War Plan every time there's an update.

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