Wardrobe allows you define up to 30 distinct equipment profiles (called "outfits") and lets you switch among them on the fly. For example, you can define a Normal Outfit that consists of your regular equipment, an Around Town Outfit that consists of what you'd like to wear when inside a city or roleplaying, a Stamina Outfit that consists of all your best  stam gear, etc. You can then switch amongst these outfits using a Databroker compatible plugin, using a small interactive button docked beneath your radar (Moveable), a simple slash chat command (/wardrobe wear Around Town Outfit), or define hotkeys in key configuration.

A tooltip is provided that shows if an item belongs to any outfits.

A Baggins category plugin is provided that will show if any items in your bags do not belong to any outfits.

The outfits defined in Wardrobe can be automatically synchronized with the in-game Equipment Manager.  Changes through Equipment Manager will be reflected in Wardrobe-AL as well.

Slash commands:

* /wd - help
* /wd list - List your outfits
* /wd wear <name> - wear <name> outfit
* /wd reset - erase all outfits
* /wd lock/unlock - For moving Button/Menu.
* /wd click/mouseover - For method of displaying menu.
* /wd scale [0.5-1.0] - For scaling the DropDown Menu.
* /wd auto 1/0 - Toggle auto-swapping


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