Communication Options #7

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  • chazwhiz created this issue Jan 10, 2019

    I'd love to see some tools to help quickly communicate with a group doing rares.  i.e. "Going to X next"  Something as simple as alt-clicking (or some other combo) to send the Rare's name and coords to /p chat.  More complex would be a routing type feature based on proximity (or integration with the routes addon maybe) so you could quickly dump an ordered list into chat "We are going from rare to rare in this order: 1. X, 2. Y" etc.

  • chazwhiz added a tag New Feature Jan 10, 2019
  • StevenSeegal posted a comment Jan 10, 2019

    I'm not going to rush this but I feel potential in this suggestion.

    As I have a request for a GUI to show the rare's this might be an option to set the number or order and sync it with the group.

    I'll run my brain about it.


    Thanks for the suggestion!

  • StevenSeegal posted a comment Mar 23, 2019

    Sorry for the delay on this, had some stuff to take care for IRL. I've just implemented a way that when you Shift-Click a rare in the menu or the Icon on the worldmap, a text will be printed with the info of which Rare you'r heading to. I'm going to finish the last bit this weekend. This last bit is the actual "say" the text in either /p or /i. This enables you to have a "Shout Out" already!


    Once this works flawlessly I'll push an update for this new feature and in about 1-2 weeks, when it's getting less busy for me,  I'm going to start to think about a way to create a "Queue" and sync that with party members.

  • StevenSeegal posted a comment Mar 27, 2019

    Release 0.9.9 has this feature implemented per Rare.


    I'm still working on a way to plan and sync the order with the party members, but this was the best I could do for now!

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