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  • reaper666735 created this issue Feb 1, 2019



    First off i would like to say i'm a big fan of your addon ^^,


    so basically i have been doing the Lunar Festival elders and i was forced to talk to Zidormi  (Time travel dragon) in Darkshore to see 3 elders, one in Lor'danel (Darkshore), 2 in Teldrassil ... , and i noticed all the Rare icons are still being shown even if i went back in time :p, so just wondering is it possible for the addon to "see" what phase we are using so it does not clutter the map needlessly ? :)



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  • StevenSeegal posted a comment Feb 1, 2019



    Interesting indeed, I've noticed this too actually. I'm going to hap a look into it. I bet there is a way to see in which "Phase" a zone is in the API.


    Thanks for the suggestion!

  • reaper666735 posted a comment Feb 1, 2019

    hehe your welcome :D,


    i have know of this site for awhile now where all the Patch (Live and PTR) API documentations are being held to help Developers like yourself maybe you can find something there ? :)






    i hope there is a way ^^

    Edited Feb 1, 2019
  • StevenSeegal posted a comment Feb 1, 2019

    I've extracted the API my self so I have all the info needed.

  • StevenSeegal posted a comment Feb 11, 2019

    Sorry for a little delay on this, had some personal stuff I had to sort out (incl. a cold). I've got the function implemented right at this moment, the only thing I have to do is make the config checkbox to enable/disable this feature. On login the addon automatically checks in what phase you are in both Warfronts and only shows the Icon when you are in the "Warfront Phase" only when the option is checked. I did some extensive tests on it and it seems to work flawlessly. I don't even have to track the phase myself, it's all extracted out of your characters data so it kinda auto detects.


    I plan to release a new version with this feature included tomorrow as it's running late already for today. I hope you have fun with it and thanks again for the suggestion!

  • reaper666735 posted a comment Feb 13, 2019



    and no worries really i never expected it to be implemented on the same day ^^ ,


    when you release it il try to test it as well to see if any random errors could occur so il let you know ^^

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  • StevenSeegal posted a comment Feb 14, 2019

    Implemented in Release 0.9.8.

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