Change log



Version 0.9.9-1:

  • Fixed Icons not showing on first login when using "Timewalk zone detection" ("Show Only In Warfront Phase" in the Master Filter options).
  • Changed the order of some routines with the hope the 2 users who reported they've encountered wrong status information after logging in on an alt of the opposite faction.


Version 0.9.9:

As requested, I'm working on a feature to tell your party members which Rare you're heading to, printing it's Coordinates with them. This is a work is progress but as I've implemented a good amount of it already, I', releasing a simple way already and continue to fancy bits up. My aim is to let you set the order and sync it across all party members. That will take some time to implement, so for now it works like this:

  • Added 2 new options i n the "TomTom" section.
  • "Announce In Party chat" let's you automatically print the information about which Rare you're currently going to. When enabled it's broadcasting and also sets your TomTom Waypoint when you click an entry in the Menu or on the Worlmap Icons.
    Note: If you need to re-broadcast the message in Party Chat you can "Shift-Left Click" them to avoid creating another Waypoint
  • "Only When Group Leader": does what it says. In case the leader doesn't has this Addon installed you can uncheck this option to still send the Coordinates when clicking a Menu Entry or Worldmap Icons or just "Shift-Left Click" it to only broadcast.
  • Implemented option "Show Footer in Window" in Master Filter to disable a few lines with default texts in the popup windows.
  • And again some small adjustments. I'm thinking about not even naming this anymore as each update always has some altered functions, optimisations and fixes for bugs no-one may even notice.


Version 0.9.8:

  • Implemented Warfront "Timewalk" Phase detector which is set enabled by default and overrules the "Only show for level 120" option.
    With this option enabled, Icons only show on the World and Minimap when in the correct Phase.
    When you talk to a "Time Traveler NPC" in the area to return to the past the Icons will disappear.
    Talk again to go to the present time enables the Icons again.
    This feature overrules "Show Only at Level 120" as low level characters always are in the 'past' phase of the zone, so no Icons will be shown.
    This closes #8.
  • Fixed an issue with the Icons not refreshing after a Warfront changes to another Faction while you're in-game.


Version 0.9.7-1:

  • Changed all "Unknown" Rare's in Darkshore to "Gear only" as that makes more sense. They don't drop a learnable item but still have a chance to drop a piece of gear.
  • Because of the above change there is a new filter option "Hide Gear Only" in either the Menu, Worldmap and Master filter to filter them out.
  • Fixed Master Filter / Worldmap option "Change Icon" as it didn't work as intended. Now it does change the Icon into a cross once defeated.
  • Small bugfixes I encountered in some unusual circumstances where I encounter one. Most of these bugs don't even happen but for testing I sometimes try to feed my functions wrong code to see how it's behaving and make changes where needed to make it work with out throwing an error.


Version 0.9.7-mixin-beta2: (will arrive a bit later then the regular release)

  • Same as 0.9.7 but with the new Worldmap Mixin to prevent Zygor's Guide to eat the Worldmap Icons.


Version 0.9.7:

  • Added option: "Keep Warfront Selection Menu Open" in the "Menu" Section of the options screen to allow the selection menu to stay open open for a faster Warfront change (Requested).
    Your chosen Warfront will be highlighted in a light cyan color.
  • Added Filter option: "Always Show Worldboss" to allow the worldboss to be seen even if it doens't drop loot. With this option enabled the Icon only hides when you have defeated him.
  • Added feature: Shift-Click the Minimap/Broker Icon to cycle through the Warfronts (Requested).
  • Small bug-fixes and tweaks.


Version 0.9.6-1-mixin-beta-1:

Same as 0.9.6-1 with:

  • Changed the way "Worldmap Icons" being rendered on the Wordmap. I've implemented my own so called "Mixin" as users who have "Zygor's Mod" enabled are reporting that the icons disappear. I've spend many hours in trying to figure out on how to do this in a way without the memory usage going haywire. So far it seems to be stable. It already cost me so many time to get this right that this is basically the final step. I'll release this build. as a "Beta version" so users can decide to try out the new way.
    NOTE: When you are using this build, I'd love some feedback about the performance and and issues as a comment on this page I use to monitor the behaviour of this version!


Version 0.9.6-1:

  • Fixed LUA-Error when mousing over a Minimap Icon for the first time. (Closes #4)
  • Changed option "Hide Defeated" into a drop menu where you can choose to let it stay, remove it or change it's icon to a cross after defeat. This option is in the Worlmap Icons and Master Filter.
  • Overall performance improvements.


Version 0.9.6:

  • Changed the code to allow multiple item drops from Rare's.
  • Added the now find "Frightened Kodo" (the status of this Rare cannot be tracked).
  • Added new Filter Option "Hide Untrackable" to hide the "Frightened Kodo".


Version 0.9.5-1:

  • Disabled the message about the new Warfront on login. I think everybody got that by now.
  • Resolved an issue where the Addon MinimapButtonBag sees my Minimap Icons as Addon Icons and collected them.
  • Fixed some minor "under the hood" settings for the Worldmap and Minimap Icons.


Version 0.9.5:

  • Added Minimap Icons. They can be enabled/disabled or changed to show info on mouse-over in the renamed "Worldmap & Minimap" section of the config Window. Minimap Icons uses the same filter for hiding as the Worldmap Filter (or Master Filter when enabled).
  • Added an extra line in the Loot Window, found by mouse-over an icon on the Worldmap, indicating if the Rare has been killed or no (as requested by someone who doesn't want to hide on defeat but still be able to see the status of the Rare).
  • Added sliders in the "Worldmap & Minimap" section of the config, allowing you to change the Size and Alpha of the Worldmap and Minimap Icons.
  • Minor changes "Under the Hood".


Version 0.9.4-3:

  • Completely rewritten the if statements of showing the Menu either "On Mouse-Over" or "On Mouse-Click" as I had some reports the On-Click didn't work properly for some users.
    I did some extensive tests with the new 'Checks', it works for me. Hopefully this fixes the issue.


Version 0.9.4-2:

  • Fixes Worldmap Icons not hiding when using the Master Filter:


Version 0.9.4-1:

  • Added extra filter option to hide "Unavailable" Rare's,
  • Added all Rare's names to every Localisation file, even the missing Chinese ones from Arathi Higlands.
  • Modified some quest Id's for Alliance Control after collecting them from the PTR server.
  • Minor optimisations. 


Version 0.9.4:

  • Minor tweaks.
  • Fixed Orwell Stevenson's Mount ID.
  • Merged both Menu's and Worldmap Icon's "Hide Options" into 1 "Master Filter", which options can be found by it's own menu in the Options Window.
    Both Menu and Worldmap Icons uses this new filter by default but can be overridden in the config.
    At login the new Master Filter will inherit the options set in the Hide Section of the Worldmap Icons.
  • Added an option to filter out Rare's with an unknown drop in both the Master Filter and the unit's own "Hide" options when overriding the Master Filter.
  • Changed the Status Window to Hoover over the Zone Name instead of the Title.


Version 0.9.3-1:

  • Fixes "C_Map.GetMapInfo" error.


Version 0.9.3:

  • Added the new "Darkshore" Warfront with all info I could find. It works fine but it's just missing a few items. They will be added when more info is available.


Version 0.9.2:

  • Fixed Worldmap Icons not showing when "Show only at level 120" is checked while being level 120.


Version 0.9.1:

  • Fixed Lua error when changing to a different profile.


Version 0.9.0:

  • Total new framework to support the upcoming Warfronts.
  • Broker/Minimap Icon changes to Horde / Alliance based upon who's currently in control of the selected Warfront.
  • Added a new broker text option to show the status from both Factions.
  • Added option to hide the menu when in combat.
  • "Hide Known Item" now has a whitelist to still show Rare's with a certain kind of drop which you already obtained, in both the "Menu Options" and the "Woldmap Icons".
  • Added option to show only the current or all Warfront Status in either the menu or it's own popup.
  • Added "Auto Change" options (Not yet available as they are function which only works with multiple Warfronts) to automatically change the menu and/or save it as your "Current Tracked Zone" to the Warfront you just entered.
  • Added a highly customisable sorting system for the menu. your can sort on name, type or drop and select how you want to group them together.
  • Added color options for the Rare's depending on their type.
  • Added a "Compact Mode" to the UnitFrame Integration.
  • Added configurable message and sound when hitting max level.
  • Added a broadcast message and configurable sound when one of the warfronts changes from one Faction to the other.


Version 0.8.3:

  • Added config to only show Worldmap Icons when Level 120 (on by default).
  • Added configurable colors for Rare names.


Version 0.8.2:

  • Minor improvements in the status text.
  • Huge improvement in memory usage.


Version 0.8.1:

  • Fixed broker status text not displaying correct Warfront status information.


Version 0.8.0:

  • Changed name to "Warfront Rare Tracker". This makes more sense with the upcoming extra Warfronts in patch 8.1.
  • Fixed Worldmap Icons not loading properly after UI Reload.


Version 0.7.6:

  • Added Warfront Status Info window (popup and/or integrated in the menu).
  • Added option for Warfront Status Info in Broker Text.
  • Added custom profiles, this allows you to create custom profiles and set them per character.


Version 0.7.0:

  • Added localisation for: German, Spanish(inc. mx), French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Korean.
  • Note: only for the names of the Rare's for now as I think it's better people can help me translate all strings when I've completed the addon, and I still have some extra features I want to implement.


Version 0.6.2:

  • Added option to only show the menu when your character is level 120.
  • Possible fix for a few players who have trouble seeing the Worldmap Icons.


Version 0.6.1:

  • Implementd a way to look which faction is controlling Arathi without any pre quests.


Version 0.6.0:

  • Added Worldmap Icons at the location of the Rare's (options can be seen in the screenshot).
  • Added more options for the menu. You can now hide Rare's where you already know the loot from.
  • Menu status can show 'Unavailable', this means this Rare is only up when your faction has control over Arathi, but the opposite side currently is.

As 5 Rare's changes it's position per faction change I've implemented this so whatever faction you are, the icons and TomTom waypoints are always pointing you to the right direction. (bearing in mind that you need to be level 120 and have done the initial quests to unlock Arathi World Quests. If not there is no way of telling which faction is currently in control and I've set the faction to your own when this is the case)


Version 0.5.0:

  • Added option window (accessible in WoW's 'Interface' tab, by right-clicking on the minimap or broker icon or by executing '/arathirares')
  • Option window allows you to change a variety of settings.
    • Hide minimap icon and broker text.
    • Hide tooltip information on 'mouse-over' a Rare.
    • TomTom integration.
    • Change the colors of various texts.
  • Added auto search for 'Already Known' items, they are highlighted in green (color can be changed in the options window)
  • Added events to detect and set drop to 'Known' once you've learned/activated then loot-able item.