Config/Minimap & Broker

Minimap & Broker:


NOTE: When you don’t use a Broker handler it’s best to disable the option 'Show Broker Texts'. It’s not a big deal but it can save you from 1 timer running on the background without using it’s functionality.


The Minimap / Broker Icon shows you which Faction is currently in control of your selected Warfront.

 For the Alliance.          For the Horde.



Show Minimap Icon : Enables/Disables the Minimap Icon. Handy if you only want to use the "Broker" functionality.

Show Menu : Select how you want to show the menu. [On Mouse Over | On Left-Click]


Show Broker Text : Select which text the broker shows: See examples down here

It’s a good idea to read the info about the 'Show Broker Texts' when you are using a Broker handler, it can display useful stats about the Warfront.


Here are some examples of the different options:

[Addon Name]

Just the name of the Addon.

[Faction Warfront Status]

The letter between the braces, in this case (H), indicates which Faction is the NON controlling faction, including it's progress.

[All Warfront Status]

Indicating your Faction's current status. This can either be "Gathering" or "Scenario" with it's current percentage/time left, depending on your current Warfront task.


When your Faction is currently in control of the selected Warfront.

[Selected Zone Name]

Just shows your current selected Warfront (No use until patch 8.1 hits the server).


Update Interval:

'Percentage' Stage: Select the interval on which the text updates while in the 'Percentage' Stage.

'Time Left' Stage: Select the interval on which the text updates while in the 'Time Left' Stage.

NB: The Update Interval options are only enabled when the broker text is set to either "All Warfront Status" or "Faction Warfront Status" as the other options doesn’t need to pull information on a timer based setup.