New WorldmapMixin (Beta Version) feedback

On this page I would like to see some feedback about the new Worldmap Icons Handling System a.k.a. as a "WorldMapDataProviderMixin".


There are absolutely no problems with the old way of handling the Icons but 1 Addon, called "Zygor's Guide" is somehow eating Worldmap Icons. Not only with my Addon, but many more as xxerty said in the issue tracker, so the problem is not on my side. Still I'm willing to take a try on solving this issue for the very few people who are using this Addon.


As said, I've spend enough time on this and I'm at a point to say it either has to work now, maybe a few tweak I'm willing to make, but if this version is causing too many problems I'm going to revert back the the old way and list "Zygor's Guide" as an Addon who's (Semi-)incompatible with this addon. If so the 2 addons will work together with the on restriction that all Worldmap Icons are missing, Minimap Icons are not affected and the rest of the functions are not affected so you can still use the Menu and click a Rare to export it's location to TomTom if installed.


Anyway, I'd love to hear your experience on this version.


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