Sneak Preview

A little Sneak Preview of what I was working on before the new Darkshore Warfront came and needed to be added:


I was working on a new feature called the "Char Tracker". This Char Tracker keeps track of all your level 120's kills in the Warfronts so you can see the status of each character in the Status menu, also with filters (Main reason I went for the "Main Filter" is the last update.


I've got it working for about 95% before I hd to switch to adding the new Rare's but this feature will definatly come when I'm sure it functions for a full 100%. There is no ETA yet as the new Rare's has Priority 1 and this Char Tracker prototype was only tested on 1 warfront, but I kept in mind that multiple warfront will come so hopefully it won't be too much of a hassle to implement it into the latest version with 2 warfronts.


Here are some screenshots:


The Status Window (integrated in the menu) will show you which character has some unfinished Rare's to kill.


The extended Status Window will show you all characters with it's status. You can hoover over them to see which ones are killed and which ones not. These screenshots are a bit older then my progress. The end block, indicating [number killed / total rare's] will change it's color. It's green when all are done (can show a lower kill amount as you can use a filter to ignore rare types or loot), orange when you have killed at least 1 rare and red when there isn't a single kill.