This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

WeaponEASYcomPARE: (Weasypare)
Enhances default blizzard equip compare to make matching of Main- & Off-Hand versus Two-Hand (and vice versa) weapon stats a lot easier. *hurray*
Note: Main-Hand refers to any One-Hand weapon that can be equipped to you main weapon slot (eg. Mace), while Off-Hand does the same for your secondary weapon slot (eg. Libram). ;)

This addon try's to enhance the default blizzard equip compare by some some simplifications.

  • When comparing a Two-Hand weapon to your currently equipped Main- & Off-Hand it will add up difference to both Main- AND Off-Hand an display it on the Two-Hand tooltip.
  • No changes is done, when you compare a Two-Hand to an equipped Two-Hand, since blizzards equip compare handles this already fine.
  • When comparing a Main- or Off-Hand to your currently equipped Two-Hand, it will use your last equipped Off- or Main-Hand as a reference to calculate stats difference. Those reference weapons can also be set via chat-command.
  • No changes is done, when you compare a Main-Hand or Off-Hand to an equipped Main-Hand or Off-Hand, since blizzards equip compare handles this already fine.

    For further details, take a look at addon images. ;)


  • /wp [mh | oh] [itemID | itemName | itemLink] - Set default Main- or Off-Hand to itemID, itemName or itemLink
  • /wp auto - Toggles (Enable/Disable) auto update of default Main- and Off-Hand
  • /wp note - Toggles (Enable/Disable) adding extra note which Main- and Off-Hand is beeing used


  • Q: I want it simplistic, how to I turn off those notes in the tooltip and only display stats? A: This can be toggled by /wp note.
  • Q: Weasypare keeps reseting my reference Main- and Off-Hand?! A: This can be toggled by /wp auto
  • Q: Weasypare only shows compare info for weapons? A: Yes that's intended, turn on blizzard equip compare for the rest. ;)
  • Q: Can you support AddonXY? A: Probably, just keep me a note. ;)


  • Did not test if gem icon were displayed correctly, just didn't have any weapon with sockets. :-/
  • Feedback: Should I add a LibDataBroker Plugin to replace/enhance command-line?


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