What's Next?

Would love to see the rotations people build!


What's Next? takes into account all available battle field data, player CD's and power levels to suggest the next action the player should perform.

A powerful easy-to-use interface allows the user to build the rotation however they wish without any scripting!

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Example: Build An Interrupt Reminder

Step 1 - Launch the Addon

Open the Rotation Management Window by left clicking the mini-map icon.

Step 2 - Start New Suggestion Entry

Click the 'Add' button along the bottom to create a new suggestion entry.

Step 3 - Select Ability

Select 'Ability' from the first dropdown.
Select your interrupt ability from the second dropdown.

Step 4 - Add Condition 1

Click the add button along the bottom to add a condition to the suggestion entry.

Select 'Casting' from the first dropdown.

Select  'If {unit} is casting an interruptable spell.' from the second dropdown.

Step 5 - Save, Save, Save

Click 'Save' on the 3 windows and you're all set!


'What's Next?' will now suggest your interrupt ability whenever your target is casting an ability you can interrupt!

My Personal Rotations

These will need to be adjusted based on your talents, set bonuses and items.

To use these:

1. Log into the appropriate character 

2. Swap to the appropriate spec

3. Open the main window

4. Click "Import'

5. Paste in the text block

6. Click "Okay"

7. Click "Save"


My Other Addons

  • Keystone Roll-Call - Accumulates, displays, and reports all known keystones for the week, automatically compiled from guild, party, and raid members.
  • What's Next? - Analyses battlefield conditions and suggests abilities, items, or macros to use given a set of conditions from the user.
  • Sudoku - An in-game Sudoku puzzle interface.
  • Library EditBox AutoComplete - Add custom autocomplete suggestions to any editbox.


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