This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


I am now looking for someone who loves this addon to take it over as I no longer play. :( Contact me if your interested (Zasurus).

If like me you MUST explorer everywhere with each and every one of your characters to get the achievement then this addon is for you! It draws out the EXACT area you must go to discover that area! Remember some area's arn't where the Blizzard map puts them! ;)

Once you discover an area it removes that area from your map so you can quickly and easily see where to go to discover the area's you have left.

No more running around a blank area on the map trying to trigger the discover area only to find it is in a cave which you walked past 3 times!

Cataclysm - The Shattering

OK a new BETA has been released ("V2.0.12 BETA") but because it is more stable than the release version I want everyone to update to it so I have marked it as RELEASE! The only reason I haven't officially made it release is it is using temporary blobs rather than the nice shadded areas (It will take me some time to finish mapping each zone!) and NOT because I think there are problems! ;-)

LOADS of changes and SOME kinda mapping for ALL of the new Zones! (I am working on the full shadded area mapping but that takes a LOT of work and time which my new job leaves me with little of!) ;)

I have also added the ability to tell you when you have found an area I missed (No aparently I'm not perfect! YET! ;) ) It will popup a small flashing button (you can move it out of the way by left-click dragging) and when clicked on will open a window with instructions to cut-n-paste into an email and even the email address to send it to! PLEASE HELP ME HELP YOU GUYS by sending me the emails that it surgest!!


Translations Required

I am in the middle of modifying V2 to work on any language it is almost complete so I also enabled the Localization section of CurseForge and need anyone who can to translate as much as posible :-) Goto and it's easy after that! Don't forget if you arn't perfect don't worry just click the "Needs reviewing" :-)


  • IT WORKS WITH CARBONITE! - I am sure this doesn't seem too impressive but believe me it took some work! ;-) LOL
  • IT also DOES work with Zygor's Guide - BUT you need to disable Zygor's Guides option to show all map! Otherwise it tells WorldExplorer you have already explored it all! ;-)
  • Dynamic Data Gathering - WorldExplorer gathers data as you discover area’s all on it’s own and IF you find one that WorldExplorer doesn't know about it will tell you how to send them to me so it knows for your next toon (and everyone elses!)
  • Shadded Coloured Areas - WorldExplorer displays the EXACT area you need to go to discover that area by nicely coloured in sections of your map!
  • Shapes & Colours - (OLD POINTS WHICH I AM REPLACING) Each area the can discover will have several points so these are grouped together with colours. Also there are different type of points so these are separated with different shapes. A more detailed explanation can be found here

Feature Development

  • I have just started work on a complete rewrite of this addon as I have had an idea on how to acquire the area's exact location. I will post a Beta as soon as I have one! In the mean time I have removed the request for files as I think most areas are good for now and I want to concentrate on the new addon... IF on the other hand you have a specific point you think is wrong/missing please tell me and I will look into it on an individual basis. Join in with the development on our forum:

Bugs & Suggestions: CLICK HERE
So if you have a suggestion or bug then PLEASE add a ticket. Big error reports just fill the comments section with junk.
I also get instant emails when a ticket is added so I will deal with it quicker than a comment!

That way it will help me keep track of stuff I need to do. Also it will allow other people to vote on them, for example with bugs, people can say that this bug is more important that the other one or that they want/don’t want certain functionality someone has requested. Finally it keeps all the comments together for each bug or new functionality AND people can subscribe to each ticket individually to tell you when something has been fixed!

To add a ticket this go to (Curse Forge is the developers side of curse) then login with your account info and open a ticket. Please remember to specify if it is a bug or new functionality etc...

I will move any problems posted below onto a ticket and send you a PM to point you to it but it is better if you do it! ;-)

Good luck!


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