This addon gives you TWO sets of bars, one for Target and one for Focus.

use GitHub to report bugs. Github tracker.

If you want just a DEBUFF version of this mod checkout: xanDebuffTimers

NOTE: If you want a graphical debuff/buff tracker, then I suggest you take a look at my other mod iBuffDebuffU. It's highly customizable.

What this mod does:

  • Displays the buffs you've casted on the CURRENT TARGET, FOCUS and PLAYER as individual timers.
  • The bars will be arranged from largest to smallest amount of time remaining on the buff. (use /xbt sort to change sorting)
  • The actual time left will be displayed to the left of the bar's spell icon.
  • The bar will change colors according to the time left for the buff.
  • Buff Stack count will be displayed on the bottom right of the spell icon.

Supported Units:

  • Target
  • Focus
  • Player

Slash Commands:

  • /xbt anchor -toggles the movable anchor frames (UP/DOWN)
  • /xbt grow :toggles if the bars should grow (UP/DOWN)
  • /xbt sort :toggles the sorting of the bars (ASCENDING/DESCENDING)
  • /xbt target - toggles target tracking (ON/OFF)
  • /xbt focus - toggles focus tracking (ON/OFF)
  • /xbt player - toggles player tracking (ON/OFF)
  • /xbt infinite - toggles displaying buffs whom have no duration/timers (ON/OFF)
  • /xbt icon - toggles displaying of buff icons (ON/OFF)
  • /xbt spellname - toggles displaying of buff spell names (ON/OFF)
  • /xbt scale # :changes the scale of the timer bars NOTE: You really should use small numbers for setting the scale!
    Example: 0.8, 1.4, 1.7, 2.6, 2.1, etc...

You can view Alpha Builds at my Github tracker.


I'm sorry but there are just way too many addon websites to keep track of. Instead of checking each one, I use the GIT repo to distribute the updates through the web. I've disabled comments here because I want everything to be in one central location.


OR use GitHub to report bugs. Github tracker.

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