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Definition: Mortar and Pestle

xanMortarPestle will make Milling, Prospecting, Lockpicking and Disenchanting easy by performing any of these tasks with just one single mouse click.

This addon will automatically perform the correct tradeskill spell on any item in your inventory. All you have to do is hold <ALT> and click on the item to Mill/Prospect/Disenchant instantly.

Possible items are compared to a list of known Herbs and Ores. That way there is no need to scan the tooltip.

A shimmering affect around the item is given to you when a valid possible tradeskill item has been found.

Green = Milling Orange = Prospecting Lavander = Disenchanting Blood Red = Lockpicking

How to use this addon:

  • First make sure your not in combat
  • Hold down the <ALT> key and mouse over an item in your bags
  • If the item is shimmering then a valid item has been found
  • Left-Click the item while holding <ALT> to perform the proper tradeskill spell.

That's it!

A Note About Disenchanting:
Unlike Molinari, I took a different approach to tackling Non-Disenchantable items. Instead of having a large table with Non-Disenchantable items, I decided to go with a learning curve instead.

Items that are found to be Non-Disenchantable (even after built-in checks) are added to a database. Once they are added to the database you will be forbidden from disenchanting that item in the future. Items that are added to the database will no longer produce the shimmering effect. So this makes it easy to know which items cannot be disenchanted.

Using this learning curve should reduce memory usage as it will only learn items as you come across them.

NOTE: If you use an addon to disable or remove UI Error Messages, then this feature MAY not work for you.

NOTE: Warning due to [B]SEVERE restrictions on action buttons by Blizzard. Several anomalies may occur if you do this in combat or enter combat while using this mod. Sadly there is NO way around this with the SecureActionButton handlers that Blizzard has placed.

However, I've gone above and beyond to prevent these sort of issues from occurring. It's not 100% foolproof, but it's the best possible solution available that I could give. Including disabling key features that would cause errors and in combat checks.

Suffice to say you really shouldn't notice anything out of the ordinary.

Please keep this into consideration before posting a comment.

A very special thanks to P3lim (Molinari) for the inspiration behind the AutoShine and Blightdavid for his work on Prospect Easy.

You can view Alpha Builds at my Github tracker.


I'm sorry but there are just way too many addon websites to keep track of. Instead of checking each one, I use the GIT repo to distribute the updates through the web. I've disabled comments here because I want everything to be in one central location.


OR use GitHub to report bugs. Github tracker.

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